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Jake the Snake Roberts Looking to Become an Actor

Jake Roberts in 2013

Can you picture Jake the Snake Roberts as an actor?

Jake the Snake Roberts has been down and out for decades. Unfortunately, the man has struggled with both alcohol and drugs. However, Jake the Snake Roberts has now been sober for 180 days. Now that he’s sober he wants to get into acting.

Jake the Snake has started taking acting classes this week. As of right now, he hasn’t locked down any roles, but he has been offered a role in an indie flick.  After Jake feels comfortable with his acting skills, he’s going to become a media whore. He …

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TNA Wrestler, Austin Aries, Gets Fined for Putting His Crotch in Christy Hemme’s Face

Austin Aries and Christy Hemme

Wrestling isn’t completely staged all the time…

TNA has handed down a fine to one of the wrestlers on their roster, Austin Aries. This fine comes a week after he put his crotch in the face of female ring announcer, Christy Hemme.

When Austin Aries was coming out to the ring, Christy Hemme called Austin Aries by the wrong name and he didn’t appear to be too happy about the mistake. During the event, Christy Hemme wasn’t very happy, to say the least. After the event was over, Hemme took to Twitter and said that the incident was “unacceptable.”


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WWE Divas are Getting Their Own Show on E!

WWE Total Divas on E! Coming Soon

E! Will Premiere Their New Show ‘Total Divas,’ on July 28th

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a WWE Diva? Well, now you’re going to get that chance, because E! is firing up a new “reality” television series titled, ‘Total Divas,’ and it’s set to premiere on July 28th.

The Diva from Monday Night Raw and WWE Smackdown will be the girls that are featured on the show. Sorry, but the ‘Knockouts’ or whatever they call them on TNA won’t be included.

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The show will show how …

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Triple H Suffers from Second Degree Burns at Wrestlemania XXIX


Triple H Gets Burned at Wrestlemania!

Triple H faced off against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXIX on Sunday night, but his opponent in the ring was the least of his worries.

Check out Triple H’s Wrestlemania XXIX Introduction:

[youtube id=”Yx5V_TrWaYE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Triple H suffered some 2nd-degree burns courtesy of dry ice during his dramatic introduction at Wresltemania.

Damn, that doesn’t look like it was fun. If you’re not already, you …

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X-Pac Gets Torn a New Asshole in an Indie Wrestling Match — Yes, Literally.


Remember X-Pac from WWE and/or WCW?

X-Pac is mostly known for being a member of D-Generation X and also he’s the dude that made a sex tape with Chyna. Yeah, he’s that guy.

Well, last weekend, X-Pac was torn a new asshole in an indie wrestling match — literally. He went for his signature move, the Bronco Buster and that’s when he sustained the injury.

Sean Waltman (X-Pac) was at an indie wrestling event and went for the Bronco Buster on his opponent, but his opponent moved out of the way. Unfortunately for X-Pac, he went nuts and rectum first …

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