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Taco Bell Opens US Taco In California


Taco Bell is known for things like its new breakfast menu, and its Doritos Taco, but the big wigs at the famous Mexican food chain have decided that they are looking for something a little more upscale, high class, or a bit more upper crust. In order to take dining to the next level, Taco Bell has decided to branch out and make food that does not have to be eaten on the go, but rather a sit down casual dining atmosphere. Huntington Beach, California is going to be the very first location of U.S.Taco Co. and Urban Taproom, which …

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Microsoft Now Owns Nokia


As if Microsoft does not own the whole world already and a majority of the world doesn’t use Windows, news has it today that the merger between Microsoft and Nokia is finally going through. What people may not know is that Nokia and Microsoft were already the best of friends, after all, who do you think makes the Microsoft Windows phone? That’s right, you guessed it, Nokia! However, anyone that actually owns the Windows phone will see that every phone says Nokia, but Nokia is now owned by the client they were working for. Is it good or bad that …

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Google Glasses Are Here!

Google Glass

Google Glasses have arrived, for those who have a few thousand dollars to throw around.

Up until now, Google Glasses have only been available to those in the Silicon Valley, but Google released a handful of the glasses today to those who were specifically selected by Google. The company hasn’t commented on how many they plan to sell, but they do hope that those who are seen wearing them will bring the product a lot of exposure–no matter what comments are.

Will Google Glasses Increase Invasion of Privacy?

The price of the glasses, which is a whopping $1,500, probably won’t …

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Shocking U.S. Airways Tweet Goes Viral


It’s possible that U.S. Airways will never live this one down.

Like most businesses today, the famous airline uses Twitter to reach out to its customers, provide them with flight updates, and more, but what they provided recently to unhappy customer most likely didn’t improve her opinion any.

It all started yesterday, after a customer named Elle tweeted the airline and complained about their service. The airline tweeted back, “We welcome feedback, Elle. If your travel is complete, you can detail it here for review and follow up.” However, instead of linking to a customer service form, as they should …

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Daily Rant: Cruise Ship Industry – What The Hell?


Back in the 1980s Kathie Lee Gifford was singing about all the fun that people could have on a cruise ship, who doesn’t remember this fun commercial that made taking a cruise seem like a grand adventure aboard a floating city.

[youtube id=”Q4VIoI00wJo”]

However, these days, the cruise ship industry seems less like a fun time at sea, and more like the RMS Titanic.  In 2012, the Costa Concordia slid along the rocky coast off of Italy, and the right number of lifeboats or not, the ship ended up on its side, which rendered over half the lifeboats useless. Though …

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