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Asserting A Career Identity When You Work At Home

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Hello again, gentle readers, it’s Krista here from The Trend Guys, and I’d like to talk to all you female telecommuters out there today about asserting a career identity when you work at home. Working freelance can be a joy, (I should know, I’ve been doing it professionally for two and a half years now,) but there’s also a number of pitfalls involved, and one of the biggest is having trouble saying no to other women who work outside the home and see your place as a free daycare when the kids get out of school. While your first instinct …

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Write On! 2 Tips for Successful Freelance Writing


If you already work freelance, then you probably already know that people think you must have it made. You get to work from home and choose your own working hours without having to deal with toxic coworkers. However, freelancing isn’t always a smooth career path, but there are several ways that you can ensure a steady flow of work and a virtual Rolodex full of satisfied clients. Here’s two tips from The Trend Guys to help you capitalize on your talents.

Make Your Work Space Family Free

If at all possible, set up a home office away from the hustle …

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Empower Network Employees Harassed Myself AND People I Brought In

A Negative Thumbs Down Sign with Clipping Path

Empower Network employees are as shitty as they come.

Out of my first three members, two of them were victims of harassment, courtesy of Empower Network employees. I was also harassed by Empower Network employees.

Big time WTF.

Knowing what I know now about the Empower Network, I’m not surprised at all that this happened. However, it was definitely a shock when I was a new member and I’m promoting Empower Network and the employees of Empower Network were harassing members that I brought in.

Could you imagine bringing members into a COMMISSION-BASED program and the employees of that program

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How To Make Money On YouTube

how to make money on youtube

Recently, I came across an article that really helped me out a lot as I’m trying to build a presence on YouTube. Check it out, try it, and leave your thoughts below as to how effective it is. 

“In a nutshell you make money on YouTube by becoming a YouTube partner, which allows you to display ads on your videos, and then you earn a percentage of the revenues generated by clicks on those ads, much like with AdSense. As for how much money you can actually make, I heard numbers anywhere from $3 up to $10 per 1,000 video …

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I Cancelled My Empower Network Account – Extremely Negative Experience – Not a Bullshit Typical Empower Network Sales Pitch

Empower Network Account Cancelled

No, This isn’t a Typical Bullshit Empower Network Sales Pitch That’s Made to Look Like a Negative Review

I cancelled my account even  when I still had a paying member signed up underneath me. That’s how horrible my experience with the company was.

I’m going to make this post nice and quick, but I will be doing a ton of coverage about my whole experience with the Empower Network, which was extremely negative, and I’m going to speak up on my thoughts about the company.

Read: Empower Network Employees Harassed Myself AND Members I Brought In

First of

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