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Traffic Swarm

traffic swarm

We here at The Trend Guys have been hearing alot lately about Traffic Swarm and to be quite honest, it’s been both good and bad. We’ve heard the name pop up a few times and some people are saying that Traffic Swarm is good way to get free traffic to your site and then we have people on the other side of the spectrum that have told us otherwise. What did we do about it? We checked out Traffic Swarm for ourselves and found out that it could go either way depending on your goals. If you just want traffic …

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How to Get People to Retweet Your Posts


Want More Retweets on Twitter? Discuss Current Events!

If you want people to start retweeting your tweets, you’re going to have to start discussing some current events. Seriously, it has been proven in a study that people will actually be 80% more likely to retweet posts that are about current news. Also, people are 50% more likely to retweet entertainment related news.

If you think about it, you’ll be able to figure out why these types of posts get retweeted. Honestly, a lot of people head to Twitter for the latest news, because Twitter users are on their A-game and …

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