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Sea World Loses Appeal of OSHA Citations



In a move that shocked Sea World officials today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on denied the corporation an appeal concerning a number of safety citations that stem from the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010.

The denial of the appeal keeps restrictions in place that forbid humans to be in the water with whales unless there are barriers in place that prevent another accident that killed Brancheau.  Tilikum, one of the killer whales that lived at the park, dragged the trainer into the water and drowned her at Sea World Orlando …

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Dunkin Donuts Featured in Viral Video Shut Down


The NYC Dunkin Donuts location at 8th Avenue and West 37th Street that was featured in a viral video last week has been shut down by the commissioner of health and mental hygiene–and for good reason.

Last week, a Dunkin Donuts patron uploaded a video to YouTube that showed a large grey rat crawling around inside the pastry case. The video went viral several hours later, prompting everything from disgust to outrage to even amusement. However, health officials didn’t find much about the video funny and shut down the location on April 3d.

One Rat or Many?

The most disturbing …

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Titanic Auction To Be Held April 17th to 24th


The RMS Titanic sank almost 102 years ago, but there are still some people that devote their time to studying the ship, and every single aspect of the tragedy. For those that are Titanic enthusiasts, all news about the ship is exciting, and these devoted individuals would do anything to own just a small part of that magnificent ship. Every few years, there is a Titanic auction that usually features items from either the ship or its survivors, and this year, RR Auction in Boston is having an auction featuring amazing artifacts including the silver cup that Margaret Brown presented …

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Gas-Loving Spider Causes Mazda Recall

The company logo is seen on the bonnet of a Mazda car during the media day ahead of the 84th Geneva Motor Show at the Palexpo Arena in Geneva

What has eight legs and is responsible for a major recall of the Mazda6 sedan?

The answer is the yellow sac spider.

This small yellow spider is apparently a gasoline addict that has caused the recall of over 40,000 sedans in the United States alone. The spider works its way into the car’s engine and weaves webs that block a vent and impede the flow of fuel, which may eventually cause the fuel tank to crack. This spider is often found in garages and other dark places and seems to be attracted to the scent of gasoline.


The Yellow Sac …

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Asserting A Career Identity When You Work At Home

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Hello again, gentle readers, it’s Krista here from The Trend Guys, and I’d like to talk to all you female telecommuters out there today about asserting a career identity when you work at home. Working freelance can be a joy, (I should know, I’ve been doing it professionally for two and a half years now,) but there’s also a number of pitfalls involved, and one of the biggest is having trouble saying no to other women who work outside the home and see your place as a free daycare when the kids get out of school. While your first instinct …

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