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UPS Fires Hundreds Over Work Stoppage


The company in brown showered over 200 employees in pink on March 31st–pink slips, that is.

The firings occurred after these employees staged a 90-minute protest back in February that stemmed from the firing of Jairo Reyes, a long-time employee of UPS. The company fired Reyes over a dispute about how many hours senior workers could log during the week. After his termination, over 200 employees staged a protest that UPS called a “work stoppage,” which prompted the firing.

Workers Will Be Replaced After New Employees Are Trained

UPS added insult to injury on Monday after they let twenty workers …

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Starbucks Brings Back Classic Pastries


Starbucks may be famous for grinding coffee, but now some of their customers have an axe to grind about the company’s new pastries.

Starbucks has made the decision to bring back some of its more popular pastry items that were tossed aside in favor of their new La Boulange line of treats, which they acquired in 2012. These new pastries were smaller, fancier, and many of their customers found that the flavor simply isn’t the same as the company’s classic banana, pumpkin, and iced-lemon loaf cake, which have long been sweet favorites.

La Boulange to Remain Part of Starbucks’ Pastry

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Working Moms and Spring Break Survival: a Guide


Hello, gentle readers, Krista here from The Trend Guys, and today I’m here to talk about that time of year that most working moms dread–spring break.

While spring break spells a reprieve from early bedtime, homework, and other school woes for your kids, it usually spells a disruption in work schedules and much-needed personal time for you, especially if you work from home. As someone who works from home full time as a content writer and Internet journalist, I know how important it is to remain focused, so I’d like to offer some tips to you moms who have to …

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The Coolest Recycled Products Ever


In a world that is now more environmentally-friendly, there are new products coming out all the time that are being made from something else. There is so much garbage in the world, and so little place to put it, that it has almost become a game among companies to take that trash and turn it into treasure that will then translate into big money for them. Some of the coolest recycled products ever are made with the most unusual things, but they are still in demand products that people are willing to buy.

1. Tennis ball coin purses:


Old tennis …

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Write On! 2 Tips for Successful Freelance Writing


If you already work freelance, then you probably already know that people think you must have it made. You get to work from home and choose your own working hours without having to deal with toxic coworkers. However, freelancing isn’t always a smooth career path, but there are several ways that you can ensure a steady flow of work and a virtual Rolodex full of satisfied clients. Here’s two tips from The Trend Guys to help you capitalize on your talents.

Make Your Work Space Family Free

If at all possible, set up a home office away from the hustle …

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