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Some Starbucks Will Soon Carry Alcoholic Beverages


Your local Starbucks coffee store may also become the place you get your happy hour fix.

Starbucks announced recently that they’re looking to draw in a more solid evening crowd by offering beer and wine at some of its locations in Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and the city where it all began–Seattle. While the company dominates the morning rush and fuels millions of people a year who depend on caffeine to survive the commute in, their evening business has dropped off, and now the company must look for ways to boost it.

Introducing Starbucks Evenings

Starbucks will soon introduce …

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IPad To Finally Get Stylus?


Back in the day, when Steve Jobs was still alive, the CEO of Apple had a lot of opinions about things, and one thing he felt strongly about was the fact that his competitors were releasing tablets that came with stylus pens. In Steve Jobs’ opinion, anyone that had to use a stylus pen to use their tablet was a clear indication that the manufacturer did not do something right. When Steve Jobs, and his company Apple, first released the first generation iPad, the fact was that it worked perfectly well. Just like the iPhone, the iPad was touch screen, …

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Will Taco Bell’s Baja Blast Go National?


Taco Bell has been making headlines since it decided to join the breakfast rat race. McDonald’s is the fast food king, especially when it come to breakfast, but on March 27th, Taco Bell’s breakfast menu will be introduced to the world.  A recent taste test gave the new Taco Bell breakfast items a tasty thumbs up, but now the fast food taco giant is making headlines because it may be losing the exclusive drink that Pepsi Co was only making for them.

Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast – Taco Bell Exclusive Drink May Be Going National

For the past 10 …

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Is Chewing Gum Going Extinct?


Human beings have been chewing gum for around 5000 years. The first gum was made from things like bark, pine pitch, and plant leaves, but as time went on, people began looking for more flavorful things that were a little easier to chew than just pine pitch. Chewing gum, as everyone in the world knows it today, did not come along until the 1860s, and the people most responsible for it was Mexico. Back in Mexico, chicle was what gum was called, and the former President of Mexico, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, brought it to New York to …

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States Pressure Walgreens to Stop Cigarette Sales


You wouldn’t expect a doctor to hand you a pack of cigarettes at the end of your appointment, but that’s the message that some state surgeon generals say Walgreens is giving out by refusing to halt its sale of tobacco.

Most Walgreens stores across the country sell tobacco, both in packs and in cartons, as well as cigars and pipe accessories. While this has been a common practice for many years, some states are putting pressure on their local Walgreens stores to quit selling tobacco, period.

Last month, CVS drugstores announced that they would support their communities’ health and well-being …

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