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Taco Bell Breakfast Taste Test!


Almost one month ago, the Trend Guys first announced to the world that Taco Bell was going to start serving breakfast. Now, the time has come, well almost, for the Taco Bell breakfast menu to be released. On March 27th, the Waffle Taco, and AM Crunchwrap will be released into the world, but a preview of it was released, and here is some more information on what the new Taco Bell breakfast tastes like. Will Taco Bell knock down the number one fast food restaurant of them all, which is McDonald’s or will their breakfast be a flop that people …

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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey – Co Causing Whiskey Issues


The tradition of making whiskey is one that goes back a long time. Whether it was men back in the South hiding in the hills with their stills brewing moonshine or a legitimate distillery, men take whiskey-making very seriously.  Those same men that made booze in the back country decided to emerge from those hills and actually create a company that offered their product to the rest of America, and thus whiskey distilleries were born. Whiskey brewing is a long tradition, and right now, there is a problem in the whiskey-making world because the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Company is making …

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UK Subway Employee Uses Oven to Dry Her Socks!


Subway has had a lot of problems lately convincing people they’re eating fresh when they dine there, and this latest issue isn’t going to help much.

We at the Trend Guys suggest that you refrain from eating while you read this article.

Worcester, England Subway employee Alice Sykes created a huge stir after she used the store’s bread oven to dry not only her wet gloves, but also her soaking wet socks in the store’s bread oven. Not only is this completely disgusting, but it was also obviously a fire hazard as well.

Sykes then added insult to injury by …

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Pawn Stars Shop Melts Down Stolen Coin Collection


A Las Vegas man is allegedly out $50K after a famous Las Vegas pawn shop unwittingly bought a stolen coin collection and melted down the pieces.

David Walters, who had been keeping the collection in his home, claims that the treasured collection of coins were stolen by his niece, Jennifer Beckman, 33, back in late November of last year after she discovered the collection hidden under her uncle’s dresser, and blames the pawn shop she sold them to for not holding them for at least 30 days so that he could recover them.

Liquid Gold or a Massive Mistake?

Walter …

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Disappears


Right now, the world is waiting to hear what became of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The plane containing 239 people was scheduled to go from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, but the plane never arrived. Authorities have begun looking into what became of the plane, but as of this moment, it is assumed that the worst has happened.

Lost Contact With Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The last reported contact that the air traffic controllers had with flight MH370 was Friday afternoon, which of course is American time, but early in the morning on Saturday in Vietnam. The air traffic controllers were …

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