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Watch a Man Propose to His Girlfriend Through Google Glass

Google Glass Proposal

Yet another way to use Google Glass has been revealed.

We’ve all seen the Google Glass promo videos and the possibilities seem to be endless. Among all the mountain biking videos, parachuting videos, etc… There are some people that use Google Glass for other purposes, which can be seen in the video below.

A man decided to propose to his girlfriend while employing Google Glass. He used Google Glass to record the whole thing. Check it out:

[youtube id=”wfh8z-3fSGw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Video Description:

I propose to my girlfriend through Google Glass. I was carrying the ring around with me for …

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Best Wedding Proposal EVER

best wedding proposal

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve decide to hit you with a video of what could quite possibly be the best wedding proposal ever and is universally accepted as such. When we first saw this (it’s been awhile), we were totally blown away by the originality of this video which is why to us, it’s hands down the best wedding proposal ever. We think you’ll agree but in case you don’t, you can always bash it in the handy comments section below or link us up to what you think IS the best wedding proposal ever. Ready? Go!

[youtube …

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Tips for A Great First Date

tips for a great first date


You got her to say “yes.” The date is set. Anticipation is building. Do you know what to do during the first date to get her to say “yes” to the second? Here are some helpful tips to make that first date one she will remember fondly for a long time.

 Plan the Date

When you ask her out, have an idea of where you will take her. If you want to keep it to simple coffee, have a place in mind but ask her if she has a favorite place. The same goes for dinner: ask if she …

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas!

valentines day gift ideas

We came across a pretty cool video that has some really good Valentines Day gift ideas that we thought we would share with you. In the coming week, we’re gonna start putting up some really unique and exciting Valentines Day content ranging from music to gift ideas and even ways to blow away your significant other and give them the Valentines Day of a lifetime. Check out the video below for some starting points and be sure to check back with us regularly for some really good stuff. We’re going to make your life a LOT easier!

[youtube id=”dMNRpqARJzg” width=”600″ …

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Engaged Man and Woman Find Out That They Are Actually Brother and Sister When Their Parents Meet Each Other Right Before The Wedding

Brother and Sister Get Engaged

Couple of Five Years Find Out That They Are Actually Brother and Sister… And the Woman is Pregnant

This story is actually a little bit dated, but I stumbled across it and figured that it was worth sharing. This seems like it would be some sort of twist in a Hollywood movie, but it actually happened.

A man and woman that have been together five years got engaged to each other and are also expecting to have a child together. Now, they’ve been left in awe, because they found out that they are actually brother and sister.

The woman is …

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