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10 Ways to Royally Piss Off Your Girlfriend

Angry Girlfriend

Want to Know How to Royally Piss Off Your Girlfriend?

Guys, this post could definitely save your life. If you do any of these things, you’re going to piss off your girlfriend so bad that she will probably walk away while your balls are inside of your stomach and you’re lying on the ground in pain, holding that empty space where your balls used to be. So, you should probably never do anything that’s on this list.

10 Ways to Piss Off Your Girlfriend

1. When they send you a message on Facebook, you don’t reply, but they see that

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10 Signs That You Are Falling in Love


Love Comes Fast, So Are You Falling in Love?

Seriously, love can hit you like a speeding train before you even know it. Heck, some people are already in love and they don’t even know it yet. As soon as you realize that you have fallen in love with someone, your life will be taken to new heights that you never thought could have been reached. So, if you think you may be falling in love with someone or if you’re completely clueless, you should check over the list below and look for these 10 signs. You never know, you …

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Dating Advice For Women: Signs That He Wants To Marry You

Signs That He Wants to Marry You

Do You Hope Your Boyfriend Will Want to Marry You?

Have you ever thought about the man that you love and want to marry — hoping that he wants to marry you, as well, but you have no idea if he wants to marry you. Well, there are some signs that you should be on the look out for. Watch for these signs and you will learn if your man wants to marry you.

Signs That He Wants to Marry You:

Listen to What He Says.

Has your man been saying things like “You’re the only one that has ever …

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Dating Advice For Men: 10 Compliments That Make Women Smile

A Happy Couple Kissing

Do You Want to Make Her Smile?

Guys, I’m going to give you some compliments that you can tell your women and it’s almost always guaranteed that they will give you a huge smile in return. I know that all men aren’t a fan of handing out compliments, but sometimes you can make your significant other’s day with a compliment. Seriously, most men think that these things are trivial, but they mean a lot to your significant other.

10 Compliments That Make Women Smile:

1: You’re so beautiful!

2: I love you smile.

3: Your hair looks great.

4: Do …

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Online Dating Tips: Pictures Can Be Deceiving


I’ll Be Bringing You A Lot of Online Dating Tips…

As you all know, I do a decent bit of posts about dating in general. I like to help people out by giving them tips and advice about dating. I do realize that online dating is definitely something that is really popular and a lot of people find it easier to find prospects. Therefore, I’m going to start doing a lot of online dating tips, as well.

I’ve been looking into online dating sites a lot lately. I’ve been looking into these types of sites for two reasons: I plan …

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