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Easy Ways to Celebrate Mardi Gras At Home


Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, is the Tuesday before Lent starts, and there are parties all over the world to celebrate it. However, not everyone can make it to New Orleans for the big parade and the non-stop partying. Not living in New Orleans does not mean that people can miss out on all the fun, and here are some ways that people can have their own Mardi Gras celebration right in their own homes.

1. Buy beads and masks for decorations:


Party stores or crafts stores are the best places to find beads and masks that can …

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Lent Loopholes – Helping Catholics Survive Lent


According to the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ wandered out into the desert for a total of 40 days and 40 nights. Christ was wandering around with nothing to eat, and drink, and clearly endured great suffering during those long days.  Jesus Christ proved that he was strong, and even resisted temptation from the Devil himself during a time when he was all alone. During the season of Lent, Catholics are supposed to give up something that means a lot to them, and for at least 40 days, they are going to be like Jesus, which means they will endure suffering …

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Big Mama’s & Pappa’s Pizzeria Gets Oscar


Last night during the Oscars telecast, hostess Ellen DeGeneres decided that some of the big time Hollywood celebrities in the audience looked as though they were hungry. DeGeneres than claimed that she was going to order 2 large pizzas, which everyone thought was a joke. However, later on, when the pizza man showed up, and DeGeneres had plates and napkins in her hands, it really was time to indulge in a slice. Who was it that Ellen DeGeneres ordered her pizza from? Big Mama’s & Pappa’s Pizzeria!


Big Mama’s & Pappa’s Pizzeria has been in business since 1974. The pizzeria …

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Man Suing McDonald’s Over Lack of Napkins


Everyone in the world has gone into McDonald’s and ordered a meal whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The fast food giant also has a drive-thru window, which makes it handy when people are in a hurry. However, whether people order inside the actual McDonald’s restaurant, or use the drive-thru, everything is included inside the bag along with the food.  Sometimes in the rush to get everyone fed, items can be forgotten or only one item is given, which some people just chalk up to the employees being in a hurry.

It All Started With Napkins…

For one California …

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Starbucks Collectors Have to Fly High for New Tumbler


Starbucks collectors have thrilled to special edition tumblers for years now, and no other items are coveted as much as those that have been offered exclusively in Japan. Over the past several years, these limited-edition tumblers were offered at airports all over Japan, including those in Kyoto, Tokyo, and even Hiroshima. However, collectors who yen for the Seattle coffee company’s newest Japanese tumbler will have to pack their bags and take to the skies.

Collectibles in the Clouds

Unlike collectible tumblers that have been available in Japanese airports in the past, the new Sakura 2014 design is available only to …

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