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Taco Bell Opens US Taco In California


Taco Bell is known for things like its new breakfast menu, and its Doritos Taco, but the big wigs at the famous Mexican food chain have decided that they are looking for something a little more upscale, high class, or a bit more upper crust. In order to take dining to the next level, Taco Bell has decided to branch out and make food that does not have to be eaten on the go, but rather a sit down casual dining atmosphere. Huntington Beach, California is going to be the very first location of U.S.Taco Co. and Urban Taproom, which …

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Ronald McDonald Gets New Look!


Ronald McDonald is one of the most recognizable fast food restaurant mascots that has ever been created. However, what people may find shocking is the fact that Willard Scott, yes the famous heavy-set weatherman that spent a lot of time on the Today show, is also the creator of the famous McDonald’s mascot. Scott was not always just the Today show weatherman that was eventually replaced by Al Roker, but he also spent time on the radio. According to the book that Willard Scott wrote about his life, he often portrayed Bozo the Clown, but one day, he was asked …

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Domino’s Pizza Now Offering Chicken


There are many pizza companies around the world that make and deliver things like pizza, pasta, bread sticks, wings, and chicken. One pizza company that offers a variety of deliverable food is Domino’s Pizza. Back in the 1980s, Domino’s changed the way that pizza was delivered, they had a 30 minutes or less or its free gimmick, and they also had special boxes and insulated bags in which to deliver the pizza to ensure it was still hot and fresh by the time it got to the customer. Now, it looks as though Domino’s is about to change the pizza …

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Viagra Ice Cream – Giving A Real Ice Cream Boner


There are some men who have a problem in the bedroom, and these men have to have a little medical intervention in order for them to experience intimacy.  The inability to achieve an erection is called erectile dysfunction, and there are many medications that doctors prescribe for their patients in order to help them get an erection so they can have an intimate night with their partners. However, the most famous cure for a lack of an erection is called Viagra. Millions of men take Viagra every year, but some men have a hard time with it because they have …

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3 Tasty Recipes For National Grilled Cheese Day


April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day, and there is nothing tastier than a grilled cheese sandwich especially when people want something that is hot, tasty, and the kind of comfort that can only come from food. Grilled cheese is typically made from just toasting bread with butter and putting a slice of cheese between it, the fact is that there are a lot more exciting ways for these sandwiches to be made other than just plain cheese and ordinary bread.

3 Great Grilled Cheese Recipes For National Grilled Cheese Day

1. Grilled Cheese with Spinach and Two Kinds of …

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