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Check This Out! Glow in the Dark Ice Cream!


The next time you lick an ice cream cone in the dark, your friends might be able to see you a mile away, thanks to British inventor Charlie Harry, who says he’s found a way to make glow in the dark ice cream.

The inventor, who created the ice cream in his lab, has also come up with a variety of ice cream flavors that are simply outside the pale. He’s been experimenting with ice cream and toppings for years and has created such amazing things as edible mist, flammable sprinkles, and, the most crazy of them all, ice cream …

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Topless Woman Runs Amuck in Florida McDonalds


What is it about Florida that makes people lose their minds and turn on each other and on their favorite places of business? Is it the heat? The humidity? The pink flamingos? In any case, another Florida resident has made headlines, and in a way that few have before.

It’s completely unclear why the woman entered the store topless (and mostly bottomless–all she had on was a thong,) and proceeded to totally destroy everything and anything she could behind the counter before eating soft serve ice cream right from the tap. Honestly, it’s a toss up about what’s funnier in …

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Breakfast War Continues: Taco Bell VS McDonald’s


The breakfast war between McDonald’s and Taco Bell just keeps getting hotter and hotter. A new Taco Bell commercial has come out, and it is probably the biggest slap in the face that they could do to McDonald’s and their most popular breakfast item, the Egg McMuffin. Here is the newest Taco Bell commercial, and frankly, it is a doozy, and it will be interesting to see what McDonald’s will do in retaliation.

[youtube id=”0F5CgrEC0C0″]

What does everyone think of the new Taco Bell commercial? Does it not say that McDonald’s is old, and if people eat their Egg McMuffins …

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Dunkin Donuts Featured in Viral Video Shut Down


The NYC Dunkin Donuts location at 8th Avenue and West 37th Street that was featured in a viral video last week has been shut down by the commissioner of health and mental hygiene–and for good reason.

Last week, a Dunkin Donuts patron uploaded a video to YouTube that showed a large grey rat crawling around inside the pastry case. The video went viral several hours later, prompting everything from disgust to outrage to even amusement. However, health officials didn’t find much about the video funny and shut down the location on April 3d.

One Rat or Many?

The most disturbing …

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Man Films Rat in Donut Case at NYC Dunkin Donuts


If you’re about to eat your morning donut, you might want to hold off until after you’ve read this. If it’s a Dunkin Donuts donut, then you may want to think about tossing it in the trash, especially if you live in the NYC area.

A man standing in line at a Garment District Dunkin Donuts noted that something was moving on the donut rack behind the counter. Upon second glance, he realized that it was a large rat that had made its way inside to help itself to some of the pastries there. The man flicked on his cell …

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