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Did Titanic II Save A Beer Label?


When the Titanic went down on April 15, 1912, she carried enough supplies for over 2200 people to spend about a week at sea. The Titanic’s  cargo list was legendary, and there was tons of food including fresh meat, fresh vegetables, and of course…plenty of booze to go around for the thirsty passengers. Among the bottles of wine, champagne, and whiskey, there was also plenty of beer on board including a very special brand called Wrexham Lager. Now, over 100 years later, the building of Titanic II will be the resurrection of the Wrexham Lager beer brand.

A Beer Label

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Common Allergies People Have But Don’t Know It


Now that spring has come, everything is beautifully green, and in bloom, but the problem is that with those lovely flowers comes allergies, which makes people pretty miserable. Allergy sufferers have things like itchy eyes, scratchy throat, sneezing, and sometimes even break out in a rash depending on what they are allergic to. However, some people might actually be an allergy sufferer, but might not even know it.  There are common allergies that people may have.

1. Wipes:

Wipes are great for when people are on the go, and there is no bathroom in sight in which to wash their …

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How to Dress For an Outdoor Spring Wedding


With spring now officially here, and the weather being warm again, couples love to plan for a beautiful outdoor wedding. It may be hard to know just what is appropriate to wear to an outdoor wedding, and what is not, but with a few simple tips, the perfect outfit for the great outdoor wedding can be found.

1. Check the weather:

The first and most important thing to do is to check the weather because everyone plans for a sunny wedding, but that does not always mean that it will stay that way. Typically, a dress with a small half …

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3 Easy Dinners To Make For Spring


Spring means that people tend to eat lighter, and this is also the time when people tend to do more outdoor grilling because no one wants to heat up their kitchen.  There are some great dinners that people can make that are both light and healthy, but can be made without turning their kitchen into one giant, heat-filled oven.

1. Shrimp With Spinach Pasta

Shrimp, Leek, and Spinach Pasta

This is such a fast and easy meal the family will think you spent hours cooking it! Cook the pasta according to the box, then in a skillet, add a little butter, a raw and peeled …

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Cooking For Easter – 3 Best Dishes To Make


Easter is April 20th, and with it being less than a month away, people are already starting to plan their dinner menus for what foods they will be serving on that special Sunday. There are some foods that are traditional that go along with Easter Sunday, but some people prefer to eat things like ham. There are 3 dishes that should be present at every Easter Sunday table, and the recipes used to make them are a lot easier than people may think.

1. Honey Baked Ham

A very simple way to make honey baked ham is to get a …

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