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Arnold Iron Pump Review

Arnold Iron Pump Review PIcture

First of all – I was extremely skeptical trying this product for one reason: Walmart. I had to ask myself “Does Arnold Iron Pump Really Work?” Then I came to my senses and forgot who I was talking about here. This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s very own line of supplements. It HAS to work, right?

Arnold Iron Pump on

Arnold Iron Pump Container


Of course it does! It’s the Terminator, Conan the Barbarian, and the Kindergarten Cop all in one tub. This stuff should make me feel just like Arnold did right before he stepped on stage to win Mr. Olympia

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Get Fit With The Trend Guys

Fit With Steve - FEATURED

This is your official invitation to have a fitness partner… Me!

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’d like to invite you to get fit with me.

[youtube id=”kvS0ix1rzhA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Spring is here and right now everyone is worried about how they’re going to look in their bikini or swimming trunks when summer gets here.

If you want to lose weight, tone up, get in shape, lose some inches, or whatever your fitness goals may be, you’re more than welcome to do it with me! It’s been proven that people stick to their fitness goals much …

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Daily Rant: Alicia Silverstone Writes Book


Hi everyone, Jax here from the Trend Guys bringing you the latest in celebrity gossip, news, unusual stories, and whatever else just happens to make the news!  Checking out the news today, I found an interesting story about Alicia Silverstone writing a book. Silverstone starred in that awesome movie Clueless, but she kind of disappeared a little bit from mainstream Hollywood when she got pregnant and became a mother. Why is it that celebrity moms can be a little bit on the nutty side? Just saying… celebrity moms have been making headlines lately for their unusual points of view …

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E-Cigarettes With Liquid Nicotine – Good or Bad?


Smoking is considered to be a nasty habit that is not only smelly and bad for the human body, but it is also considered to be socially unacceptable in some places. There are many cities that have even gone as far as to ban cigarette smoking indoors and outdoors. Since cigarette smoking is becoming less and less tolerated, electronic cigarettes, which are also known as E-cigarettes, are becoming quite popular. With these electronic cigarettes, nothing is burning, but what makes them like cigarettes is the fact that they are loaded with a liquid nicotine that gets turned into vapor. However, …

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Debbie Gibson Has Lyme Disease


Back in the 1980s Debbie Gibson was a teen idol that had a lot of top 10 hits. After she had her fun touring around the country, Gibson began a career on Broadway that had her playing a lot of memorable roles that gave her a chance to show off both her acting and singing talent. These days, Gibson is still doing movies, and her first love has always been music. However, during an appearance she made a few weeks ago, fans were shocked to see that their favorite singer had a very gaunt appearance that made everyone began to …

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