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Top 5 Songs To Tell Her You Love Her


Want to Show Her How You Feel With Music?

You know those songs that make your heart melt? Have you spent countless amounts of time digging around trying to find the perfect song to play for your significant other or a prospect that doesn’t know how you feel yet? Dig no more as we’ve put together a list of 5 songs to tell her that you love her. Whether it’s a significant other or someone that you have the hots for, you should play one of these songs for them. It will put them in a romantic mood and you …

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Top 5 Reasons to Quit Smoking Right Now


I want you to quit smoking right nowThere is plenty of reasons as to why someone should quit smoking.  It’s certainly no big secret that cigarettes kill, and I’ve seen too much of it in my very young lifetime.  This is one reason I am becoming a big supporter of electronic cigarettes, if you are going to smoke at all, that is.  Since there are so many reasons someone should quit smoking cigarettes, I’ve had a rough time narrowing this list down, but I think these are some of the biggest reasons.

Reason 1: Huge Health Risks

Being in the year 2011 I do not …

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