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Fighting 3 Obstacles to Smooth Skin


Summer is on its way, and while you know that having healthy, smooth skin is a major factor in looking your best when you’re in a bathing suit and other revealing clothing, you may not know how to achieve this. There are many factors that can affect your skin’s smoothness, such as acne, skin conditions like Keratosis pilaris, and dermatitis. Fortunately, all of these skin conditions are treatable, and knowing what causes them is the first step toward treatment and to having smooth skin, all summer long.

Fighting Acne Effectively

One common obstacle to smooth skin is acne. Blocked pores …

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Viagra Ice Cream – Giving A Real Ice Cream Boner


There are some men who have a problem in the bedroom, and these men have to have a little medical intervention in order for them to experience intimacy.  The inability to achieve an erection is called erectile dysfunction, and there are many medications that doctors prescribe for their patients in order to help them get an erection so they can have an intimate night with their partners. However, the most famous cure for a lack of an erection is called Viagra. Millions of men take Viagra every year, but some men have a hard time with it because they have …

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Daily Rant: Cruise Ship Industry – What The Hell?


Back in the 1980s Kathie Lee Gifford was singing about all the fun that people could have on a cruise ship, who doesn’t remember this fun commercial that made taking a cruise seem like a grand adventure aboard a floating city.

[youtube id=”Q4VIoI00wJo”]

However, these days, the cruise ship industry seems less like a fun time at sea, and more like the RMS Titanic.  In 2012, the Costa Concordia slid along the rocky coast off of Italy, and the right number of lifeboats or not, the ship ended up on its side, which rendered over half the lifeboats useless. Though …

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Spring Cleaning for Your Skin


Hello, everyone! Krista here from The Trend Guys, and I’m here today to show you a spring time skin care regimen that goes far beyond simple washing and moisturizing and that can bring the kind of youthful and healthy glow to your skin that will turn heads wherever you go.

Step One: Cleansing and Exfoliation

The first step to performing a serious skin regimen is to cleanse it. During the day, your skin is subjected to outdoor pollution, the sun, wind, and of course, any kind of makeup that is used during the day. If you have oily skin, you …

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Coping with an Invisible Illness


“But you don’t look sick!”

“Surely it can’t be that bad.”

“Just tell yourself it’ll get better . . . just relax!”

If you suffer from an invisible illness, then you’ve probably heard these well-meaning platitudes and tidbits of advice from family and friends. While their inability to understand your illness can be frustrating, there are several ways that you can educate the people around you about what your illness entails and how they can help you avoid the feelings of isolation and resentment that comes with living with illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid Disease, Lupus, anxiety …

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