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States Pressure Walgreens to Stop Cigarette Sales


You wouldn’t expect a doctor to hand you a pack of cigarettes at the end of your appointment, but that’s the message that some state surgeon generals say Walgreens is giving out by refusing to halt its sale of tobacco.

Most Walgreens stores across the country sell tobacco, both in packs and in cartons, as well as cigars and pipe accessories. While this has been a common practice for many years, some states are putting pressure on their local Walgreens stores to quit selling tobacco, period.

Last month, CVS drugstores announced that they would support their communities’ health and well-being …

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Jason Dohring Drops 20 Pounds for VM Movie


Before the premiere of the Veronica Mars movie, rumors abounded about Jason Dohring’s obvious weight loss. Dohring, who has always been a relatively lean 5’11,” seemed even fitter in pre-premiere photos, leaving his fans to ponder why he was getting into such buff shape. Now that the movie has debuted (and to financial and critical success, this backer is proud to say,) we here at The Trend Guys can show you just what Jason was up to, and why he felt he needed to slim down.

An Officer and a Gentleman

It’s been ten years since our Neptune friends have …

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Daily Rant: Free Condoms Removed At Boston Schools


Good evening everyone, Jax here from the Trend Guys bringing you the latest in celebrity news and also the most interesting, and in this case, the silliest stories of the day! This fine evening I have to share with all of you a story that is too ridiculous to believe and it happens to be the truth! Brace yourself for this one ladies and gentlemen:

Boston Schools Return Condoms Due to Being Too Sexually Suggestive

Boston Public Schools have decided to look a gift horse in the mouth and return donated condoms back to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. …

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Spring Forward – Preparing For the Loss of Sleep


Tonight around 1 or 2 am, everyone living in the United States has to move their clocks ahead by one hour, and the spring forward is referred to as daylight savings times. Though the loss of just one hour does not seem like a big deal, for some people, the loss of time can be devastating and hard to adjust to. However, there are ways that people can prepare for the spring forward time change so they are not exhausted by the loss of the one hour.

The Alarm Clock Can Help


One of the best ways to get used …

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The Marijuana Debate – 5 Benefits Of Cannabis


Ever since the 1960s, the debate about whether to sell marijuana legally has been raging on. In the state of Colorado, the first retail store to sell marijuana had crowds of people lining up to get it, and the state has made a ton of money ever since the legalization of the marijuana plant.  Many other states are thinking about following Colorado’s example, but some people truly see marijuana as bad an illegal drug as cocaine, but the truth is that there are some medical benefits to marijuana that cannot be ignored:

1. Marijuana can help people with epilepsy


Epileptics …

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