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Microsoft Now Owns Nokia


As if Microsoft does not own the whole world already and a majority of the world doesn’t use Windows, news has it today that the merger between Microsoft and Nokia is finally going through. What people may not know is that Nokia and Microsoft were already the best of friends, after all, who do you think makes the Microsoft Windows phone? That’s right, you guessed it, Nokia! However, anyone that actually owns the Windows phone will see that every phone says Nokia, but Nokia is now owned by the client they were working for. Is it good or bad that …

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E-Cigarettes With Liquid Nicotine – Good or Bad?


Smoking is considered to be a nasty habit that is not only smelly and bad for the human body, but it is also considered to be socially unacceptable in some places. There are many cities that have even gone as far as to ban cigarette smoking indoors and outdoors. Since cigarette smoking is becoming less and less tolerated, electronic cigarettes, which are also known as E-cigarettes, are becoming quite popular. With these electronic cigarettes, nothing is burning, but what makes them like cigarettes is the fact that they are loaded with a liquid nicotine that gets turned into vapor. However, …

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has Sex With Clown For GQ Mag


Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been in the world of television for quite some time now, and the world was first introduced her when she joined Saturday Night Live in 1982. However, the world really got to know Dreyfus when in 1990, she started in a new show called Seinfeld. For almost a decade, Dreyfus played Elaine, and she was one of the most popular characters on the show after Jerry Seinfeld himself and Jason Alexander.  However, she is one of the only original Seinfeld member to break the infamous Seinfeld curse, which basically means that she is the only cast …

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Kim K – Biggest Fan Is Herself?


When the Vogue cover with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West came out, more people complained about the magazine’s choice of cover models, but at the same time, there were a lot of people that were supportive of the choice. Whether people love it or hate it, the fact is that the April Vogue cover choice has resulted in huge sales of the magazine despite several protests from both the public and the famous. However, Vogue could not be more pleased with their choice of who to put on the cover, and it seems as though part of the magazine’s huge …

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Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2014


Earth Day 2014 is tomorrow, April 22nd, but it is never too late to make plans for what can be done on that special day, and typically, people want to do their part to make sure that the world is taken care of. So, what can the average citizen do to celebrate the earth and to also make it a better place? Here is a list of some simple yet affordable ways for people to show their appreciation for Mother Nature and the planet that they live on.

Earth Day 2014 Activities To Celebrate The Beautiful Earth

  1. Plant something out
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