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Bai Ling Wows In Wicked Dragon Dress At MTV Movie Awards


Hello everyone! Jax here with more movie news! Right now, the MTV movies awards are going on, and the celebrities are arriving on the red carpet for the show. All of these famous men and women are getting their picture taken so the world can see what they are wearing.

One celebrity that got a lot of attention was Bai Ling. The reason why Bai Ling turned so many heads is the fact that she wore a giant gold dragon around her waist. The dress is pretty stunning, and Ling is definitely wearing something that no one will soon …

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Top 5 Ideas for Kid’s Easter Egg Hunts and Parties

easter egg painting

Easter is a holiday many people, young and old, enjoy celebrating.  Kids are great at finding things that  are supposed to be hidden.  Not only are Easter egg hunts fun, they encourage children to explore and find things.  The only problem with Easter egg hunts are the children.  They find all of the eggs within 5 minutes flat, and the entire hunt is over!  Here are 5 ways you can make an Easter egg hunt last and still have a great time.

5. Shopping for Easter Eggs

A lot of people love to shop, especially children.  Make this Easter a

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10 Things You Weren’t Told about Childbirth

childbirth myths

Childbirth is exciting, rewarding, frustrating, and it can be painful.  A lot of women have fears about childbirth and the stories that are told from relatives and friends don’t help.  There’s so many women who fear the worst and work themselves up over childbirth due to horror stories and other factors, but here are 10 things about childbirth that you will not be told about it.

10. The Water Break Myth

When people think of water breaking, they think it’s an embarrassing moment where there’s a big gush of water that explodes everywhere and makes a big mess in front

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Sara Sampaio & Fellow Victoria’s Secret Models Hangout Poolside In Miami

Victoria's Secret models Sara Sampaio, Jasmine Tookes and Romee Strijd relax poolside in Miami

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys bringing you one of the hottest trends of today.

So, what do you do when you’re a Victoria’s Secret model? Well, you hangout with your sexy model friends — by the pool — in the sexiest possible bikini you can find! That’s exactly what Sara SampaioJasmine Tookes and Romee Strijd were up to today in Miami!

Instead of freezing, like I’m doing in West Virginia right now, these girls are chilling out by the pool in bikinis. Yes, that is some serious envy you hear in my voice, lol!

Either …

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Costa Concordia Survivors Angry At Captain’s Light Sentence


Hey gang and Good Evening to you all! Jax here and I thought I would let you know about the survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster. Now, with the disaster, the ship scraped along some rocks off of an island, and the ship began to tip to one side.  Anyone remember the Titanic? Yeah, it was sort of like that, but it did not sink, the ship just tipped over to one side, and only 32 people died, which isn’t bad considering there were over 2000 on board. The fault of the whole disaster is the captain, Francesco Schettino, …

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