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Queen Elizabeth Meets The Pope – Gifts Exchanged


Queen Elizabeth II has been the queen of England for over 60 years, and during that time, she has met with leaders from all around the world including religions leaders. During her reign, Elizabeth II has met with five popes, and today, she met with the newest one, Pope Francis. Pope Francis is in charge of over one billion Catholics, and Queen Elizabeth II is rule of the Commonwealth, which consists of over 2 billion people, so clearly, it is important that these two get along for sake of over half the world.

Pope and Queen Exchange Gifts

The meeting …

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Asserting A Career Identity When You Work At Home

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Hello again, gentle readers, it’s Krista here from The Trend Guys, and I’d like to talk to all you female telecommuters out there today about asserting a career identity when you work at home. Working freelance can be a joy, (I should know, I’ve been doing it professionally for two and a half years now,) but there’s also a number of pitfalls involved, and one of the biggest is having trouble saying no to other women who work outside the home and see your place as a free daycare when the kids get out of school. While your first instinct …

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Chupacabra Caught? Texas Couple Says Yes!


The chupacabra is a mythical creature with no hair on its body, big teeth, and sharp claws. The animal loves to dine on things like cattle, and drains their blood,and people all over the Southwest and Mexico, claim that the chupacabra has made their life a living hell with its appetite for their farm animals. Some people claim to have seen the creature, heard its terrible growl, and are terrified of it especially once the sun goes down. There have been many stories printed about the chupacabra, and many investigations, but nothing has been proven. Despite all of the dead …

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UPS Fires Hundreds Over Work Stoppage


The company in brown showered over 200 employees in pink on March 31st–pink slips, that is.

The firings occurred after these employees staged a 90-minute protest back in February that stemmed from the firing of Jairo Reyes, a long-time employee of UPS. The company fired Reyes over a dispute about how many hours senior workers could log during the week. After his termination, over 200 employees staged a protest that UPS called a “work stoppage,” which prompted the firing.

Workers Will Be Replaced After New Employees Are Trained

UPS added insult to injury on Monday after they let twenty workers …

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Man Films Rat in Donut Case at NYC Dunkin Donuts


If you’re about to eat your morning donut, you might want to hold off until after you’ve read this. If it’s a Dunkin Donuts donut, then you may want to think about tossing it in the trash, especially if you live in the NYC area.

A man standing in line at a Garment District Dunkin Donuts noted that something was moving on the donut rack behind the counter. Upon second glance, he realized that it was a large rat that had made its way inside to help itself to some of the pastries there. The man flicked on his cell …

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