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Razor Blade Vandalism Threatens Playgrounds


Playgrounds are supposed to be safe havens for children to run and play, but recently, an Illinois father got the shock of his life when his two-year-old son cut his fingers on razor blades that had been deliberately placed on the equipment.

On March 24th in Illinois, a little boy’s fingers were injured as he grabbed some playground equipment that was  booby trapped with open razor blades. Thankfully, the cuts were minor and the father was able to treat his son’s frightening injuries at home, but when  local police inspected the scene, they discovered that the blades had indeed placed …

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The Oscar Pistorius Dream Team To Start Friday

Oscar Pistorius bail hearing judge decides

Back in 1994, when OJ Simpson was on trial for his life for the double murder of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman, he had a team of defense lawyers that were called the Dream Team. The lawyers consisted of Johnnie Cochrane, Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian, and F. Lee Bailey. The four men were very expensive, but worth every penny when Simpson was found not guilty of the double murder.  Some people can get away with murder as long as they can get a good enough lawyer, and the world is wondering now if the Dream Team that Oscar Pistorius hired …

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Copenhagen Zoo – Animal Executors?



Last month, the Copenhagen Zoo made headlines when they decided to put an end to their inbreeding problem, and killed a young male giraffe, dissected it, and then fed it to the lions. Now, the zoo is making headlines again with its decision to put four lions to death. What is going on over at the Copenhagen Zoo, and why is it that they keep killing perfectly fine animals?

Copenhagen Zoo Killed Lions To Make Room For New Male Lion

In the animal kingdom, there is a structure in which …

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Debris Field From Malaysia MH370 Finally Found?


Finally after more than two weeks of searching for debris, have the shattered remains of the giant Boeing 777 plane finally been located? When it was announced a day or two ago that the plane had crashed, and everyone on the plane was killed, the first thing that family members wanted to know was…where is the proof that the plane is destroyed? Where is the proof of the Malaysian government’s heartbreaking claim that the plane is gone and everyone is dead? Well, it looks as though the mad searching for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 just might have finally paid …

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Trial of Century Wk 4 – Prosecution Rests


After four long weeks of testimony, the prosecution has finally rested its case against the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius.  The prosecution felt confident enough with what they presented that they went head and turned the case over to the hands of the defense, who will now have the fun task of proving their client is not a murderer.

The Cell Phone Expert Testified Again

The cell phone expert took the stand again today, but this time the texts and messages that were talked about between Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius were more on the loving side then the previous testimony …

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