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Costa Concordia Survivors Angry At Captain’s Light Sentence


Hey gang and Good Evening to you all! Jax here and I thought I would let you know about the survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster. Now, with the disaster, the ship scraped along some rocks off of an island, and the ship began to tip to one side.  Anyone remember the Titanic? Yeah, it was sort of like that, but it did not sink, the ship just tipped over to one side, and only 32 people died, which isn’t bad considering there were over 2000 on board. The fault of the whole disaster is the captain, Francesco Schettino, …

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Costa Concordia Captain To Spend 16 Years In Prison For Ship Accident


Back in January 2012, a cruise ship called the Costa Concordia was passing by the Isola del Giglio when it scraped along some rocks that were located off of the island. For some reason, the ship was too far inward, and the rocks ripped open a giant gash along the cruise ship’s side. The accident happened around 9 pm at night, and many of the passengers were in the restaurants enjoying dinner and a show when all of a sudden a shudder went through the whole ship and people were thrown to the floor. The ship began to list to …

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1961 Missing Plane Found on Andes Mountains


Back on April 3, 1961, a Douglas DC-3 twin propeller plane left Linares, a city that is less than 200 miles from Santiago, Chile. On board was eight Green Cross club soccer players, their coach, plus 15 other passengers for a total of 24 people on the small plane. The plane never arrived at its destination, and has been lost for over the past 53 years. However, that is not the case anymore because the musing plane has now been found on top of the Andes mountains.

The lost plane full of soccer players has been far been the biggest …

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Is Big Foot In Yellowstone?


Hello everyone, Jax here, and I have an interesting question to ask you all. Do you believe in Big Foot? Now I know that there have been hundreds of eyewitness accounts of witnesses seeing Big Foot, and there have even been some people that were actually attacked by the creature.  Do you all believe those Big Foot stories of encounters up on high mountains? Well check out this video and see for yourselves:

So what do you all think? Is this a video of a whole gang of Big Foots up in Yellowstone, or is there another explanation? This video …

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Did Terrorists Cause Malaysia Plane Crash?


From the very moment Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, the first theory that the authorities had was that it was a repeat of September 11,2001 in which four planes were hijacked. What gave even more credence to this theory was the fact that the transponder signal was suddenly gone, which was something that happened on that horrible day. Terrorists broke into the cockpits, subdued the pilot, took over the planes, and then turned off the transponders so they could not be traced. For anyone that was watching Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 through a radar screen, the events of 9-11 must …

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