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“Flappy Bird” – Did Dong Nguyen Lose the Rights?


There are rumors circulating around the web that Dong Nguyen is going to bring back his famous “Flappy Bird” game. While the whole world is excited, happy, and thrilled, that the game is going to be returning, the fact is that it may not be as simple as Nguyen flipping a switch and the game is back. Even though Nguyen was the creator of the awesomely popular “Flappy Bird,” the fact is that there may be some legal loopholes that neither Nguyen or the public are aware of.

Creators Deleting Apps Equals Loss of Rights

For people who never …

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The Return of Popular “Flappy Bird” Game?


On February 8th of this year, “Flappy Bird” creator Dong Nguyen tweeted that players of his popular game had less than 24 hours to enjoy the game before it would be taken down.  The world was in mourning after that, and since that time a lot of “Flappy Bird clones have popped up to take its place like “Splashy Fish” and others have tried to fill the void in player’s hearts left by the removed game. Now, after “Flappy Bird” has flown the coop, it looks as though Dong Nguyen may be having a change of heart about …

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Farmville 2 Goes Mobile with Country Escape App


If you love Zynga’s Farmville 2 game, then set aside those virtual hoes, because the company has a big announcement for you.

Zynga announced recently that it will launch a mobile app of its most popular game, Farmville 2. The new mobile game, which will allow players to save their farms on the cloud, will include much of the fun and charm of the original game, which has made it a fan favorite for years. This is the first Farmville app that the company will launch in conjunction with Farmville 2, which millions of people have played since …

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3 Hilarious Star Trek Celeb Twitter Accounts


Star Trek is a global fandom phenomenon that has consistently filled convention halls across the world since its premiere on TV in 1966. Since then, there have been spinoffs, movies, book series, and countless other ways for fans to enjoy the Star Trek universe, but one of the most entertaining things about Star Trek is the celebs who have taken to the Internet to promote themselves and connect with fans on Twitter. Here are three Star Trek celeb Twitter accounts that you should be following.

George Takei

This quick-witted actor played Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek series and …

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Netflix Fitbit Hack Senses When Viewers Are Asleep


How many times have you turned on Netflix after a long day’s work and settled in to watch a movie or TV show on a mobile device, only to fall asleep a short time later and wake up the next day to find that you’ve missed most of the entire thing and then can’t even remember where you left off? If you’re perpetually sleepy after you turn on your favorite Netflix selection, then you’ll love what the engineers at the company came up with for Netflix’s Hack Day, where the company’s tech-savvy employees get to showcase their ideas on how …

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