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New Talking Angela App Fuels Wild Rumors Among Parents


It seems as though every time a new children’s app crops up, some wild theory or rumor crops up with it. Such is the case with the most recent popular app, called “Talking Angela.” This app, which allows children to interact with virtual talking white cat, has fueled rumors that the app is not run by iOS or Android platforms but by pedophiles that have the ability to see the children through a secret camera and take photos of them while they use the app.

The Origins of the Rumor

The rumors that child molesters are behind the app began …

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Flying Cyrus Game #1 At Apple Store


Miley Cyrus is a famous singer that first got attention as the squeaky clean Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. The show was a big hit because of the combination of the sweet and fresh faced young girl and her talented singing voice. However, once Hannah Montana was over, Miley Cyrus embarked on not only growing up, but establishing her career as a singer. Trying to shed her squeaky clean, girl next door image, Cyrus made headlines by performing at the MTV Music Video Awards with a funny hair style, a flesh colored bikini, and gyrating against Robin Thicke while …

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“Splashy Fish” Game Growing Popular


Splashy-Fish-Game-Over-for-Flappy-BirdGames come and go, and people never know what the hottest new game will be. Sometimes what was hot yesterday is no longer hot today.  “Flappy Bird” took off for its developer, Dong Nguyen, but now that the game has been removed, there are alternatives that are starting to get the attention they deserve. For those “Flappy Bird” fans that are still in mourning for their game, there is good news! There is a new game that is already number one for the iPhone App store called “Splashy Fish.”

Other Alternatives to “Flappy Bird” Are Becoming Popular

“Splashy Fish” is …

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“Flappy Bird” Creator Suicide Hoax

Flappy - bird- Hoax

Flappy-birdPeople love their phones, and when find a great game they can play anytime, then their phone love grows even bigger. “Flappy Bird” was popular for both iPhone and Android phones, and when the game was pulled unexpectedly by its creator, Dong Nguyen, the world was shocked, and some fans of the game were upset. However, one fan might have taken the disappointment over the loss of “Flappy Bird” a little too far.  Shortly after the game was taken down, a news report appeared on the Internet that Dong Nguyen had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Not …

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“Flappy Bird” Has Flown The Coop


Flappy-birdIn May 2013, a game involving a small yellow bird and bright green pipes was released called “Flappy Bird.” Though the game was described as difficult, irritating, and an annoying game with bad graphics, it has recently taken off and is suddenly one of the hottest games to play.  The premise of the game was rather simple, which is to help a small struggling yellow bird avoid green pipes while flying.  Since May, the game has been downloaded and played, but then suddenly in December, this simple little game took off like a rocket, and its players are hopelessly addicted …

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