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Microsoft Releases Price for Kinect 2 for PC

Kinect 2

Kinect 2 will cost $199 bucks.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the hottest trends of today.

Microsoft has released the pricing for the new Kinect 2 for the PC and it’s going to be $199.

The Kinect 2 will be released on July 15th, but if you can’t wait, you can preorder it over at the Microsoft Store.

As we all know, the Kinect is mostly known for gaming, but the Kinect 2 for PC will be mainly used for apps. Also, the Kinect 2 will not come with any software, …

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Microsoft Comments on Poor Xbox One Sales Compared to Playstation 4


The Sony Playstation game system revolutionized the way we all play video games. Before the Sony company came out with the Playstation, there was the SEGA game system. The SEGA games were pretty fun, but the graphics looked more like cartoons, and game players wanted realism in their games. Playstation made human beings look more lifelike, which is what players wanted to play with instead of people that looked like blocks. The Sony game system conquered the world, and video game playing was never the same again. Now, the fourth version of the game system is out, and to date, …

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Google Anti-Glass Movement on the Rise


It’s one of the most inevitable laws of technology: for every gadget created, there’s a group of people who cry about how it’s going to affect them.

Such is the case for Google Glass, an up-and-coming gadget that’s sure to be voted one of the most innovative products of the year, thanks to what it can do and how it might potentially change the face of how we record and upload digital media to our social media pages and how we plan and organize our daily lives. Google Glass, which is still in the testing stages and available so far …

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Google Glasses Are Here!

Google Glass

Google Glasses have arrived, for those who have a few thousand dollars to throw around.

Up until now, Google Glasses have only been available to those in the Silicon Valley, but Google released a handful of the glasses today to those who were specifically selected by Google. The company hasn’t commented on how many they plan to sell, but they do hope that those who are seen wearing them will bring the product a lot of exposure–no matter what comments are.

Will Google Glasses Increase Invasion of Privacy?

The price of the glasses, which is a whopping $1,500, probably won’t …

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Tetris Fans Play in Philly: On a Skyscraper!


Tetris fans in Philadelphia got to indulge in playing the classic video game this past Saturday, but in a way that none of them ever have–on the side of a massive city skyscraper!

The windows of the Cira Centre, which rises 29 stories into the sky, has LED lights that flash bright and colorful images when the sun goes down, but for Tech Week, which celebrates technology and inspires new ways for people to think about technology, became a gigantic Tetris board, much to the delight of onlookers and those who got the chance to play.

Super-Sized Tetris Game Thrills

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