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Twitter Previews New Profile Pages, New Look


Get ready to see the usual myriad of complaints on your Twitter feed because the company is changing the way their users’ profiles will look–again!

Twitter announced recently that it will start rolling out the new profile page look over the next month or so. Several prominent users, such as Michelle Obama, already have the new profile page, which allows them to have a larger profile photo, more choices for a customized header, and a number of personalized options for handling their tweets.

More Options for a More Personalized Look

The new Twitter will feature a number of ways for …

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The iPhone 6: What Can Buyers Expect?


Whether it’s rumor or reality, many Apple fans are looking forward to the release of the iPhone 6.

This phone, which has a rumored release date of fall 2014, will compete directly with its biggest competition, Samsung, by introducing a phone that has a larger screen, much like the new Samsung Galaxy S5, a faster processing chip, and a curved design that will make it easier for users to hold, thus preventing many of the accidents that cause them to shatter or crack their screens.

Supersized iPhones?

The current iPhone model, the 5S, has a 5-inch display, but there …

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3 Great Video Game Choices for Girls


From online role playing games to platform games for the Xbox, PS3, or the Wii systems, girls are now enjoying a wider variety of gaming choices. If you’re looking for a video game to give your daughter, granddaughter, or niece this Easter, here are three great choices that she’s sure to love.

Just Dance 2 Disney Party

If the little girl in your life loves music and has a collection of Disney movies and toys, then Just Dance 2 Disney Party is the perfect game for her. This Wii console game has a huge collection of Disney songs from all …

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Teddy Ruxpin Creator Dead at 77


Children of the 80’s will mourn the passing of a man who gave them one of the decade’s most iconic toys.

Ken Forsse, who created talking animated teddy bear Teddy Ruxpin, died on March 19th. His widow, Jan, reported that her husband had been in very poor health over the past few years and ultimately died of congestive heart failure at the age of 77.

Everyone who grew up in the 80s will remember the talking plush bear, whose eyes and mouth moved when you put one of his story cassettes in the back of the toy. It was one …

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HTC One Premieres: See What’s New!


HTC unveiled its latest phone yesterday, known as the HTC One M8, and the company hopes that this phone will put them over the top in both sales and popularity.

The phone, which features a sleek metal design, a dual camera that allows you to edit the focus of photos after you take them, and a rabbit-quick processor will lure cell phone users over to their camp. HTC has always lagged behind Apple and Samsung in sales and in popularity, but there are several reasons that you might want to give this phone a look.

Surprising Quality and Features

While …

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