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IPad To Finally Get Stylus?


Back in the day, when Steve Jobs was still alive, the CEO of Apple had a lot of opinions about things, and one thing he felt strongly about was the fact that his competitors were releasing tablets that came with stylus pens. In Steve Jobs’ opinion, anyone that had to use a stylus pen to use their tablet was a clear indication that the manufacturer did not do something right. When Steve Jobs, and his company Apple, first released the first generation iPad, the fact was that it worked perfectly well. Just like the iPhone, the iPad was touch screen, …

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City Suspends Landfill Search for E.T. Atari Game


Is E.T. still trying to phone home after all these years from an Alamagordo, N.M. landfill? Two companies who want to dig him up think so.

Fuel Entertainment and LightBox Interactive recently reported plans to go into the landfill, which has been closed since the late 1980s, to dig for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Atari game cartridges that are fabled to have been dumped there in the 80s, just before the landfill closed. The games were dumped after their huge commercial failure, which many say was a nail in the coffin for the 2600 gaming system that was one of the …

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Batman: Arkham Knight is Set to Debut for 2014


The release of Batman: Arkham Knight is confirmed for fall of this year for the PS4, XBox1, and the PC, and Batman fans can look forward to a bigger universe, more intense villain battles, and a single-player experience that includes a player-controlled Batmobile.

An Expanded Gotham Universe

Batman: Arkham Knight picks up the story of the previous DC game, Arkham City, only a year has passed since those events. Players will recognize Gotham City in all its iconic glory, but the game’s designers have made the city five times larger than it was in Arkham City. Not only that, …

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HUVr Tech – Hover Board Exposed As FAKE!


When the movie Back To The Future II came out, Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox went to the year 2015 to change his future. While getting changed, he put his feet in self-lacing Nikes, which are scheduled to come out next year, and he also used a hover board.  Who can forget this infamous scene?

[youtube id=”z1ZdMOMUgXE”]

Looks like the only place that the hover board will truly exist is in Back To The Future II because a company called HUVr Corp has been boasting that they are releasing a hover board in December of this year, …

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Netflix Horror Adds Titles to Streaming Service


While Netflix has cut back on its streaming content genre sections, (with gay, lesbian, and indie film sections being cut altogether,) its horror section is still undead and kicking, and Netflix horror lovers will be happy to hear that a number of new titles have been added to the lineup. Whether you love the classic look of black-and-white cult hits like 1968’s Night of the Living Dead or 80s fare like Fright Night and Ghostbusters 2, there’s plenty of new content to shriek over.

80s Classics Dominate New Additions

If you’re a child of the 80s, it’s more …

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