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Netflix Fitbit Hack Senses When Viewers Are Asleep


How many times have you turned on Netflix after a long day’s work and settled in to watch a movie or TV show on a mobile device, only to fall asleep a short time later and wake up the next day to find that you’ve missed most of the entire thing and then can’t even remember where you left off? If you’re perpetually sleepy after you turn on your favorite Netflix selection, then you’ll love what the engineers at the company came up with for Netflix’s Hack Day, where the company’s tech-savvy employees get to showcase their ideas on how …

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New Talking Angela App Fuels Wild Rumors Among Parents


It seems as though every time a new children’s app crops up, some wild theory or rumor crops up with it. Such is the case with the most recent popular app, called “Talking Angela.” This app, which allows children to interact with virtual talking white cat, has fueled rumors that the app is not run by iOS or Android platforms but by pedophiles that have the ability to see the children through a secret camera and take photos of them while they use the app.

The Origins of the Rumor

The rumors that child molesters are behind the app began …

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is Revealed at Barcelona Tech Show


Samsung recently gave the world a first look at its latest phone, the Galaxy S5, during a technology show in Barcelona, Spain, and the phone’s new features have cell phone lovers’ pulses racing. Not only does the S5 have a screen that’s a full one inch larger than the previous Galaxy model, but it also has cutting-edge technology that includes a fingerprint sensor for improved user security and a screen that adapts instantly to environmental conditions.

Fingerprint Sensor Offers More Than Just User Privacy

While many people believe that Samsung is simply copying the iPhone S5, which also has fingerprint …

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10 Places Where Google Glass is Banned

10 Places Google Glass is Banned

Google Glass is already banned… In certain places.

[youtube id=”63e2zV1V1_0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys…

Google Glass isn’t even readily available to the public yet and it’s already been banned in certain places. If you’re not keeping up with the times, I’m going to go into explaining what Google Glass or Google Glasses actually are.

Basically, Google Glass is like wearing a computer on your head and they fit like a normal pair of glasses. Yes, I’m being completely serious. It’s sort of like having your own HuD from a video game right in front …

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Top 5 Desk Fans You Want!

Hot Desk Fans

Are you looking for some of the best desk fans?

The summer time can be rough on you, especially while you’re sitting at your desk. It’s horrible when you’re sitting at your desk and there’s sweat dripping down on your keyboard.

If this sounds familiar, you need a cool desk fan that will keep you from sweating your ass off… literally.

Yeah, I know when you’re sitting at a computer all day that you’re going to be a victim of what’s commonly referred to as swamp ass.

Below, you’re going to find a list of 5 desk fans to choose …

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