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Microsoft Releases Price for Kinect 2 for PC

Kinect 2

Kinect 2 will cost $199 bucks.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the hottest trends of today.

Microsoft has released the pricing for the new Kinect 2 for the PC and it’s going to be $199.

The Kinect 2 will be released on July 15th, but if you can’t wait, you can preorder it over at the Microsoft Store.

As we all know, the Kinect is mostly known for gaming, but the Kinect 2 for PC will be mainly used for apps. Also, the Kinect 2 will not come with any software, …

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Microsoft Comments on Poor Xbox One Sales Compared to Playstation 4


The Sony Playstation game system revolutionized the way we all play video games. Before the Sony company came out with the Playstation, there was the SEGA game system. The SEGA games were pretty fun, but the graphics looked more like cartoons, and game players wanted realism in their games. Playstation made human beings look more lifelike, which is what players wanted to play with instead of people that looked like blocks. The Sony game system conquered the world, and video game playing was never the same again. Now, the fourth version of the game system is out, and to date, …

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Microsoft Now Owns Nokia


As if Microsoft does not own the whole world already and a majority of the world doesn’t use Windows, news has it today that the merger between Microsoft and Nokia is finally going through. What people may not know is that Nokia and Microsoft were already the best of friends, after all, who do you think makes the Microsoft Windows phone? That’s right, you guessed it, Nokia! However, anyone that actually owns the Windows phone will see that every phone says Nokia, but Nokia is now owned by the client they were working for. Is it good or bad that …

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City Suspends Landfill Search for E.T. Atari Game


Is E.T. still trying to phone home after all these years from an Alamagordo, N.M. landfill? Two companies who want to dig him up think so.

Fuel Entertainment and LightBox Interactive recently reported plans to go into the landfill, which has been closed since the late 1980s, to dig for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Atari game cartridges that are fabled to have been dumped there in the 80s, just before the landfill closed. The games were dumped after their huge commercial failure, which many say was a nail in the coffin for the 2600 gaming system that was one of the …

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Korean IT Companies Trying to Avoid Windows 8 At All Costs

Windows 8 Hate

Windows 8 sucks on desktops and everyone knows it.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the latest technology trends.

People have expressed their distaste for Windows 8 since before it was even released to the public. Just by screenshots alone, everyone knew that this operating system was going to royally suck and they were 100% correct.

Even though Microsoft knows that Windows 8 needs some major improvements to properly accommodate desktop users, they’re still hoping that they will see an increase in Windows 8 users once they discontinue support for Windows …

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