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Windows XP Users in for Hard Times

Microsoft Windows XP

Window XP users will want to upgrade very soon.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys…

I’ll never forget when Windows XP was released. Man, that was a great operating system and the GUI was nothing like you’d ever seen before if you were a Windows user.

Windows XP was so great that it’s 12 years old, but more than 31% of both desktop and laptop users from around the world still currently use Windows XP. Unfortunately, those people have a horrible road ahead of them if they’re going to stick with Windows XP for much longer.

Next year, …

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The Xbox One Isn’t Coming With a Free Headset

Xbox One Headset

More tough shit for Xbox fans…

As we all know, the Xbox 360 came packaged with a free microphone, unless you picked up the core/arcade model. Now, the microphone the system came packaged with wasn’t anything special, but it was there for you to use.

If you’re a serious gamer, you probably upgraded microphones. I had wireless mics, turtle beaches, etc… These mics were definitely much better than the one included with the system, but no matter how cheap the stock microphones were, it still gave everyone the ability to voice chat with other players.

Xbox One won’t come with

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Xbox 720 Specs Have Potentially Been Leaked From a Credible Source for Once!

Xbox 720 Picture

Xbox 720 Possibly Coming With an Eight-Core CPU, Windows 8 and 8 Gigs of Ram

So, new information has been leaked about the Xbox 720 and this time it comes from a credible source. It’s still considered a rumor right now, but it sounds like this could be some legit information.

An ex-Ubisoft employee has been making some posts on message boards and the dude seems to know everything there is to know about the Xbox 720. Well, everything that really matters, any ways. This dude says he knows the ram, the kernel and a slew of other stuff about …

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Windows 8 – My First Impression


Installation of Windows 8

So, I’ve decided to give Windows 8 a fair shot. I downloaded it and installed it via VirtualBox, which basically enables me to run an operating system inside of an operating system. I’m literally installing Windows 8 right now as I type this post. I’m extremely impressed with the installation time. The process of installing windows maybe took only 10 minutes — if that.

Windows 8 Setup

After the initial automated installation process, you will have to start personalizing the OS to your liking.

  1. Pick a color that you like. I want with the gray/orange theme.
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I’m About to Install Windows 8

Windows 8 logo

Stepping Into the Future Isn’t As Exciting as I Thought it Would Be

I plan on installing Windows 8 sometime this weekend and possibly even doing it tonight. I will dedicate my time to Windows 8 for at least a week and see how long it takes me to get adjusted to the new operating system. I will also be taking note of my productivity and seeing if it goes up or if it actually drops while I’m using Windows 8.

I’m not really excited about Windows 8 at all and actually planned on skipping the operating system in its …

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