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The iPhone 6: What Can Buyers Expect?


Whether it’s rumor or reality, many Apple fans are looking forward to the release of the iPhone 6.

This phone, which has a rumored release date of fall 2014, will compete directly with its biggest competition, Samsung, by introducing a phone that has a larger screen, much like the new Samsung Galaxy S5, a faster processing chip, and a curved design that will make it easier for users to hold, thus preventing many of the accidents that cause them to shatter or crack their screens.

Supersized iPhones?

The current iPhone model, the 5S, has a 5-inch display, but there …

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HTC One Premieres: See What’s New!


HTC unveiled its latest phone yesterday, known as the HTC One M8, and the company hopes that this phone will put them over the top in both sales and popularity.

The phone, which features a sleek metal design, a dual camera that allows you to edit the focus of photos after you take them, and a rabbit-quick processor will lure cell phone users over to their camp. HTC has always lagged behind Apple and Samsung in sales and in popularity, but there are several reasons that you might want to give this phone a look.

Surprising Quality and Features

While …

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Apple Unveils 8 G IPhone 5C


Apple makes what is considered to be the best cell phone ever, the iPhone. The iPhone has only been out for 5 years, but over the years, quality has gone down. At one time, Apple was state-of-the-art, but now, there are other companies that have risen to the challenge of making a highly technical cell phone that gives iPhone some competition. Recently, the iPhone 5C has not been selling as well as Apple had hoped. However, now, Apple is making the iPhone 5C more affordable, but whether or not this is a smart move remains to be seen.

Low Sales

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iOS 7.1 Introduces CarPlay, Other Features


Apple has recently released iOS 7.1, which comes with several updates that are sure to please those who use their phone as a portable music system.

The upgrade, which premiered on Monday, features the company’s highly-anticipated CarPlay system, which Apple has touted as  “iOS in the Car” and was recently demonstrated at a car show in Geneva. While those who want to use CarPlay will have to wait for the release of the cars that will support the system, there’s plenty to look forward to until the compatible cars debut in the fall.

CarPlay Puts Calls, Music, and Maps in

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Farmville 2 Goes Mobile with Country Escape App


If you love Zynga’s Farmville 2 game, then set aside those virtual hoes, because the company has a big announcement for you.

Zynga announced recently that it will launch a mobile app of its most popular game, Farmville 2. The new mobile game, which will allow players to save their farms on the cloud, will include much of the fun and charm of the original game, which has made it a fan favorite for years. This is the first Farmville app that the company will launch in conjunction with Farmville 2, which millions of people have played since …

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