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New Talking Angela App Fuels Wild Rumors Among Parents


It seems as though every time a new children’s app crops up, some wild theory or rumor crops up with it. Such is the case with the most recent popular app, called “Talking Angela.” This app, which allows children to interact with virtual talking white cat, has fueled rumors that the app is not run by iOS or Android platforms but by pedophiles that have the ability to see the children through a secret camera and take photos of them while they use the app.

The Origins of the Rumor

The rumors that child molesters are behind the app began …

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is Revealed at Barcelona Tech Show


Samsung recently gave the world a first look at its latest phone, the Galaxy S5, during a technology show in Barcelona, Spain, and the phone’s new features have cell phone lovers’ pulses racing. Not only does the S5 have a screen that’s a full one inch larger than the previous Galaxy model, but it also has cutting-edge technology that includes a fingerprint sensor for improved user security and a screen that adapts instantly to environmental conditions.

Fingerprint Sensor Offers More Than Just User Privacy

While many people believe that Samsung is simply copying the iPhone S5, which also has fingerprint …

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Netflix Improvements May Soon Raise Costs for Viewers


Comcast has announced that they have sealed a deal with Netflix, the streaming television and DVD rent-by-mail service, to improve the quality of their digital delivery. Comcast, which recently purchased Time Warner Cable in a billion-dollar deal, reports that providing dedicated digital service for Netflix will only improve customer satisfaction, but many customers are worried that they will feel the financial squeeze down the road.

Many Customers Cry Foul

Thanks to Comcast’s recent purchase of Time Warner Cable, many customers who already subscribe to the company’s cable aren’t happy about the news about its new deal with Netflix. Although Netflix …

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Flying Cyrus Game #1 At Apple Store


Miley Cyrus is a famous singer that first got attention as the squeaky clean Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. The show was a big hit because of the combination of the sweet and fresh faced young girl and her talented singing voice. However, once Hannah Montana was over, Miley Cyrus embarked on not only growing up, but establishing her career as a singer. Trying to shed her squeaky clean, girl next door image, Cyrus made headlines by performing at the MTV Music Video Awards with a funny hair style, a flesh colored bikini, and gyrating against Robin Thicke while …

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Back to the Future Nikes Coming in 2015


In 1989, the much-anticipated sequel to the 1985 hit Back to the Future finally came to movie theaters. Back to the Future Part 2 took up right where the first movie left off with Marty, Jennifer, and Doc Brown in the Delorean about to speed off 30 years into the future to the year…2015. Marty’s kids had made bad choices, and now the future of the whole family depended on Marty stopping his future son from agreeing to a robbery with Biff’s gang. While preparing to intercept his son, Marty got changed into futuristic clothing including a pair of Nikes …

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