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E-Cigarettes With Liquid Nicotine – Good or Bad?


Smoking is considered to be a nasty habit that is not only smelly and bad for the human body, but it is also considered to be socially unacceptable in some places. There are many cities that have even gone as far as to ban cigarette smoking indoors and outdoors. Since cigarette smoking is becoming less and less tolerated, electronic cigarettes, which are also known as E-cigarettes, are becoming quite popular. With these electronic cigarettes, nothing is burning, but what makes them like cigarettes is the fact that they are loaded with a liquid nicotine that gets turned into vapor. However, …

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Underwater Search For Malaysia Plane Yields Nothing


Morning everyone, Jax here from the Trend Guys, and I was just going over the news on this great and wonderful Saturday, when something caught my eye.  Once again, the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is still in the news because the search goes on for the missing plane, and frankly, it just is getting really sad to me at this point. I mean really, how many countries are involved in the search for the plane? How much modern technology is being used in the hopes of finding Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? And the most important question of all is, why …

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Google Anti-Glass Movement on the Rise


It’s one of the most inevitable laws of technology: for every gadget created, there’s a group of people who cry about how it’s going to affect them.

Such is the case for Google Glass, an up-and-coming gadget that’s sure to be voted one of the most innovative products of the year, thanks to what it can do and how it might potentially change the face of how we record and upload digital media to our social media pages and how we plan and organize our daily lives. Google Glass, which is still in the testing stages and available so far …

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Where Is Malaysia Plane?


The days stretch on, and the 239 families of the people who were aboard the missing Malaysia plane still have no answers as to where their family members are or even where the plane is. With the help of the batteries in the black box, searchers have a narrowed down area, but it is still a lot of water to search.  The hopes of everyone was boosted when an oil slick was found in an area that was close to where the black box pings were detected, but now as it turns out, the oil slick was not from the …

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5 Dead Celebrities Who Were Recreated With CGI


When someone’s time is up, it is up, and if you just happen to be a famous Hollywood star, death may be very inconvenient if you were right in the middle of making a movie.  For some famous celebrities that died during production, there is always a scramble as directors and producers figure out what to do and also they have to decide whether or not to even finish the film. Back in the olden days, a dead celebrity mostly meant that the movie had to be cancelled, but nowadays, computers have gotten so advanced that with the help of …

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