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Google Glasses Are Here!

Google Glass

Google Glasses have arrived, for those who have a few thousand dollars to throw around.

Up until now, Google Glasses have only been available to those in the Silicon Valley, but Google released a handful of the glasses today to those who were specifically selected by Google. The company hasn’t commented on how many they plan to sell, but they do hope that those who are seen wearing them will bring the product a lot of exposure–no matter what comments are.

Will Google Glasses Increase Invasion of Privacy?

The price of the glasses, which is a whopping $1,500, probably won’t …

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Malaysia Plane – Oil Slick Now Surfaces


Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is still missing, and now that the black boxes are no longer sending out a signal, the search for the missing plane just got a whole lot tougher. Because the black boxes have died, the odds of the searchers finding the plane went down. However, new hope arose today as the searchers spotted something in the ocean that will now become the target of searching involving underwater probes. For the first time in a little over a month, there is real hope now that the missing Malaysia plane will be found, and for all of us …

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Malaysia Flight MH370 – Black Box Battery Dead?


Ever since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, the world has been searching for it, and what the authorities were looking for the most was an indication of where the black box, which is also known as the flight recorder, because it holds all the key answers as to what happened and why the plane never made it to its Beijing destination. The clock has been ticking away because the one thing that the authorities knew or sure was that the battery that the black boxes contained would only last a certain amount of time and it would stop putting out …

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Tetris Fans Play in Philly: On a Skyscraper!


Tetris fans in Philadelphia got to indulge in playing the classic video game this past Saturday, but in a way that none of them ever have–on the side of a massive city skyscraper!

The windows of the Cira Centre, which rises 29 stories into the sky, has LED lights that flash bright and colorful images when the sun goes down, but for Tech Week, which celebrates technology and inspires new ways for people to think about technology, became a gigantic Tetris board, much to the delight of onlookers and those who got the chance to play.

Super-Sized Tetris Game Thrills

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Twitter Previews New Profile Pages, New Look


Get ready to see the usual myriad of complaints on your Twitter feed because the company is changing the way their users’ profiles will look–again!

Twitter announced recently that it will start rolling out the new profile page look over the next month or so. Several prominent users, such as Michelle Obama, already have the new profile page, which allows them to have a larger profile photo, more choices for a customized header, and a number of personalized options for handling their tweets.

More Options for a More Personalized Look

The new Twitter will feature a number of ways for …

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