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The iPhone 6: What Can Buyers Expect?


Whether it’s rumor or reality, many Apple fans are looking forward to the release of the iPhone 6.

This phone, which has a rumored release date of fall 2014, will compete directly with its biggest competition, Samsung, by introducing a phone that has a larger screen, much like the new Samsung Galaxy S5, a faster processing chip, and a curved design that will make it easier for users to hold, thus preventing many of the accidents that cause them to shatter or crack their screens.

Supersized iPhones?

The current iPhone model, the 5S, has a 5-inch display, but there …

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Searchers Hear Black Box Ping?


It has been 29 days since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur and was supposed to land in Beijing. However, the plane never arrived, and the world has been trying to find out what happened to the Boeing 777 that was over 200 feet long with an over 200 foot long wingspan. Debris has been found, but it turned out to be from a fishing boat, and now it is a race against the clock because the battery on the black box in the plane itself will only transit a signal for a maximum of 45 days. …

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3 Great Video Game Choices for Girls


From online role playing games to platform games for the Xbox, PS3, or the Wii systems, girls are now enjoying a wider variety of gaming choices. If you’re looking for a video game to give your daughter, granddaughter, or niece this Easter, here are three great choices that she’s sure to love.

Just Dance 2 Disney Party

If the little girl in your life loves music and has a collection of Disney movies and toys, then Just Dance 2 Disney Party is the perfect game for her. This Wii console game has a huge collection of Disney songs from all …

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Peter Jackson Lends Jet For Malaysian Plane Search


The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues, and with each passing day, the hopes of everyone, including the searchers themselves, is shrinking. It has been over three weeks now since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur, and no one has found any trace of it ever since because all the debris the authorities keep finding are from a fishing boat. After so many days of non-stop searching, many of the searchers are even beginning to realize that the search may take years before anything is found, and may not even then. The plane is …

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Daily Rant: The Search for Malaysia Plane


Greetings everyone! Jax here from the Trend Guys here with another dose of the Daily Rant. I was out of town for the past few days attending Emerald City Comic Con, but while I was gone, I had my hotel television tuned to the news to see if by some miracle, the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had been found. Of course, I was majorly disappointed because they keep saying, debris, debris, debris…DEBRIS, and now they are picking pieces up, but nothing they have picked up so far has anything to do with Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Press Conference By

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