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Batman: Arkham Knight is Set to Debut for 2014


The release of Batman: Arkham Knight is confirmed for fall of this year for the PS4, XBox1, and the PC, and Batman fans can look forward to a bigger universe, more intense villain battles, and a single-player experience that includes a player-controlled Batmobile.

An Expanded Gotham Universe

Batman: Arkham Knight picks up the story of the previous DC game, Arkham City, only a year has passed since those events. Players will recognize Gotham City in all its iconic glory, but the game’s designers have made the city five times larger than it was in Arkham City. Not only that, …

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Farmville 2 Goes Mobile with Country Escape App


If you love Zynga’s Farmville 2 game, then set aside those virtual hoes, because the company has a big announcement for you.

Zynga announced recently that it will launch a mobile app of its most popular game, Farmville 2. The new mobile game, which will allow players to save their farms on the cloud, will include much of the fun and charm of the original game, which has made it a fan favorite for years. This is the first Farmville app that the company will launch in conjunction with Farmville 2, which millions of people have played since …

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Winamp Purchased – Not Shutting Down

Woman listening to music on laptop

Winamp won’t be shutting down after all.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the latest technology trends.

To my dismay, AOL announced that they would be shutting down Winamp late in 2013 after 15 years. This sucked, because Winamp is cool simply for nostalgic reasons, as I’ve used the program since the early 2000’s, as did  a lot of other people.

I quickly went and downloaded the latest version of Winamp and actually planned on keeping it on my computer. Personally, I think that it’s still a decent program that’s …

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AOL to Discontinue Winamp After 15 Years

Winamp Discontinued

Winamp is going bye bye… Unfortunately.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys…

Ever since I downloaded Winamp back in the day, I’ve never looked back. Seriously, Winamp has always been one of the first programs that I download and install on a new computer or a freshly reformatted computer.

Winamp may be considered outdated, but I love its simplistic design and minimal resources that it takes up. That’s why I still continue to use Winamp to this day whenever I feel like listening to an entire CD.

Winamp was one of those programs that you could use without …

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South Park Was Wrong – Adobe Flash Player is More Annoying Than iTunes


South Park Was Terribly Wrong.

If you haven’t, you should go on Netflix and check out the documentary about South Park, in which they only have 6 days until the airing of an episode. Yes, in only 6 days, they are able to produce an episode of South Park. They fit the entire creation process of an episode into only 6 days. That way, they are able to keep their content fresh. If you watch the documentary, you will see the first episode of the season they are working on, which was the Human-Cent-iPad episode. If you watch the documentary, …

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