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Malaysia Plane – Oil Slick Now Surfaces


Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is still missing, and now that the black boxes are no longer sending out a signal, the search for the missing plane just got a whole lot tougher. Because the black boxes have died, the odds of the searchers finding the plane went down. However, new hope arose today as the searchers spotted something in the ocean that will now become the target of searching involving underwater probes. For the first time in a little over a month, there is real hope now that the missing Malaysia plane will be found, and for all of us …

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Daily Rant: Oscar Get Off The Stand, PLEASE!


This week begins the second week of Oscar Pistorius on the stand, and once again, it was time for Pistorius to break down into sobs that shook his whole body. By now, the world just wants to see this trial come to an end because it is not possible for a human being to cry this much without shriveling up like a prune. Really, Oscar? Come on…are you seriously going to cry every single time the prosecutor opens his mouth? You need to dry up Oscar, because the prosecutor’s questions are not going to stop every time you start to …

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Viagra Ice Cream – Giving A Real Ice Cream Boner


There are some men who have a problem in the bedroom, and these men have to have a little medical intervention in order for them to experience intimacy.  The inability to achieve an erection is called erectile dysfunction, and there are many medications that doctors prescribe for their patients in order to help them get an erection so they can have an intimate night with their partners. However, the most famous cure for a lack of an erection is called Viagra. Millions of men take Viagra every year, but some men have a hard time with it because they have …

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Malaysia Flight MH370 – Black Box Battery Dead?


Ever since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, the world has been searching for it, and what the authorities were looking for the most was an indication of where the black box, which is also known as the flight recorder, because it holds all the key answers as to what happened and why the plane never made it to its Beijing destination. The clock has been ticking away because the one thing that the authorities knew or sure was that the battery that the black boxes contained would only last a certain amount of time and it would stop putting out …

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Daily Rant: Cruise Ship Industry – What The Hell?


Back in the 1980s Kathie Lee Gifford was singing about all the fun that people could have on a cruise ship, who doesn’t remember this fun commercial that made taking a cruise seem like a grand adventure aboard a floating city.

[youtube id=”Q4VIoI00wJo”]

However, these days, the cruise ship industry seems less like a fun time at sea, and more like the RMS Titanic.  In 2012, the Costa Concordia slid along the rocky coast off of Italy, and the right number of lifeboats or not, the ship ended up on its side, which rendered over half the lifeboats useless. Though …

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