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Cooking For Easter – 3 Best Dishes To Make


Easter is April 20th, and with it being less than a month away, people are already starting to plan their dinner menus for what foods they will be serving on that special Sunday. There are some foods that are traditional that go along with Easter Sunday, but some people prefer to eat things like ham. There are 3 dishes that should be present at every Easter Sunday table, and the recipes used to make them are a lot easier than people may think.

1. Honey Baked Ham

A very simple way to make honey baked ham is to get a …

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Beat the Battle of the Bugs This Summer: Naturally!


Warmer weather is finally on its way, but with it comes the battle of the bugs.

With the warm weather comes a variety of household pests such as flies, spiders, and ants. Not only are these creatures destructive, many of them carry diseases and can deliver a painful bite or sting, but you probably don’t want to use pesticides around your children or pets. However, there are several natural ways to repel bugs without having to worry about the effects of harmful chemicals.

Essential Oils and Spices to Ban Ants

Ants use a chemical trail to let others know when …

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Spring Cleaning Parties – A Fun Way To Clean House


Every spring, people everywhere decide that it is time to clean out their homes. Over the long winter months, houses can tend to get overly dusty, dirty, and full of clutter. Now that the weather is warm again, it is time to get to the task of spring cleaning, but to make it more fun, a spring cleaning party can be arranged.

Spring Cleaning Parties Can Make House Cleaning Fast and Easy

The first step to spring cleaning parties is to make a list of what rooms in the house need the most cleaning.  Typically, things like the kitchen, living …

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Teddy Ruxpin Creator Dead at 77


Children of the 80’s will mourn the passing of a man who gave them one of the decade’s most iconic toys.

Ken Forsse, who created talking animated teddy bear Teddy Ruxpin, died on March 19th. His widow, Jan, reported that her husband had been in very poor health over the past few years and ultimately died of congestive heart failure at the age of 77.

Everyone who grew up in the 80s will remember the talking plush bear, whose eyes and mouth moved when you put one of his story cassettes in the back of the toy. It was one …

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Titanic Survivor’s Letter – Eyewitness to Disaster


The RMS Titanic sank on April 15, 1912, and in the almost 102 years since the disaster, there are still details coming out about that horrible night. A letter has surfaced from survivor, Rose Amélie Icard, who was traveling on the doomed ship as a maid to a wealthy widow named, Martha Evelyn Stone. Before Icard died, she wrote a nine page letter that detailed everything she saw that fateful night, and one Titanic enthusiast not only bought the letter, but posted it on the Internet for everyone to see.

Icard Letter and Passport Owned by Titanic Enthusiast

Mike Delgado, …

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