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Trial of the Century Wk 2: Pistorius With No Legs?


Oscar Pistorius lost his legs before he was a year old. However, since that time, Pistorius has learned to live with his artificial legs, and even has a special pair of strong metal ones that helped him win awards in racing and even to participate in the Olympic games. Pistorius has even learned just to walk around on his stumps, and there has a been a question as to whether or not Pistorius was wearing his legs on the night he shot and killed his friendlies, Reeva Steenkamp.

The Blade Runner  – Special Legs For Oscar Pistorius On and Off

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Dunkin Donuts New Breakfast Egg Sandwich


When it comes to breakfast at a fast food restaurant, the number one place to get it is McDonald’s. The fast food franchise has been around since 1940, and they have revolutionized what it means to get a good breakfast for a low price that could be eaten in the car or at the office. While many other fast food places have breakfast sandwiches, and the most popular one in the world is the Egg McMuffin that McDonald’s makes. However, sometimes people get bored with such a simple sandwich, and are often looking for something a little fancier. Dunkin Donuts …

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Tobe Hooper – Retail Inspiration For Movie


Anyone that has ever been in a crowded store has fantasies about escaping the massive crowds by doing something crazy. Sometimes people are impatient, the cashiers are slow, and if the wait grows into a long time, the lack of getting out of that store can make people go a little insane.  Who hasn’t thought about walking on top of people’s heads like in Crocodile Dundee, or wishing for Charlton Heston to come part the crowd like the Red Sea from The Ten Commandments? However, for Tobe Hooper, his fantasy about escaping a busy store turned into more than …

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Malaysia MH370 – Was Plane Hijacked By Terrorists?


It’s been four days since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, and more questions than answers are coming up. The plane that has gone missing is a giant Boeing 777 plane that was filled with 239 people, and everyone around the world following the story is baffled that how could such a massive plane just vanish? Is there something more that the Malaysian government is not telling the world, are they keeping secrets or is it the fact that they truly have no answers to give?

Latest News: Malaysian Plane Way Off Course

The first reports that came out after …

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Trial of Century Wk 2: Pistorius Timeline Doubtful


The night of Valentine’s Day 2013 was a quiet night according to accused-murderer Oscar Pistorius. The Blade Runner claims that he and Reeva Steenkamp went to bed around 10 pm that night before he woke up to get a fan from the balcony. He claimed that it was dark, and he was walking around on his stumps. When he came back in from the balcony, he heard a noise coming from the bathroom, grabbed his gun, yelled at whoever it was to leave, told Steenkamp to call the police, then went into the bathroom and fired his gun through the …

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