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CA Air Show Turns Tragic – Pilot Killed


With the spring and early summer comes all kinds of great outdoor events like monster truck shows, car shows, fairs, and air shows. For anyone that does not know what an air show is, basically it means people can get the chance to see planes from another era, climb inside of them, and if they are planes from World War I or II, people get to see what soldiers were being transported in when they were doing things like fighting for their country. In addition to old planes from eras long ago that can be explored, people also get treated …

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Trial of Century Resumes Monday For Oscar Pistorius


For the past two weeks, there has been a break in the trial of the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius. The man himself did testify, and the testimony ended with an expert that pretty much blew holes in the details that Pistorius gave of the night in question, and many experts are saying that the testimony made Oscar Pistorius look incredibly guilty. Was the story Pistorius told just a pack of lies and he told to cover up the fact he shot Reeva Steenkamp to death? Now that the trial is resuming, is there any way for Pistorius to come back …

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46 Yr Old Teacher Caught With 14 Yr Old Arrested


When parents send their children off to school, they are placing their children into the hands of strangers. However, the part that is supposed to be comforting to parents is the fact that  the teachers that work in that school are supposed to be trustworthy. Whenever there are stories of teachers who are being inappropriate with one or more of their students, it shakes the very foundation of the educational system because teachers are supposed to be trustworthy with children, and a teacher caught with a student in a questionable matter makes every parents on earth doubt the teachers that …

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Baby Seals Are Just So Cute!


There are some animals in the world that are so cute and cuddly that people just want to pet them. However, looks can be deceiving, and not every animal that looks like it belongs in a Disney movie is one that actually is cute and cuddly. One friendly animal that is definitely a cute animal that people want to pet are baby seals, and one famous diver just released a video that shows just how totally adorable baby seals are, and how friendly they are.  For anyone that has not seen the video that diver, Jason Neilus posted about his …

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Daniel Alves Takes a Bite Out of Racism


It is so hard to believe that this is the 21st century, with things like technology being the way it is and the fact that we have cars that run off of electricity, that racism still exists in these oh so modern times. People may think that racism only happen to regular people, but the recent LA Clippers scandal, and Donald Sterling with his overflowing mouth, proves that racism can exist for anyone anywhere even if you just happen to be famous.  For Daniel Alves, racism is something that he too has had to deal with every single time he …

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