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15-Year-Old Girl Leaves a Suicide Note Naming the Four Bullies That Drove Her to Hang Herself

Cora Delille Picture - FEATURED

Cora Delille takes her own life after years of being bullied at school.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and today I’m bringing you a story that is nothing less than heartbreaking.

15-year-old, Cora Delille, hung herself in her parent’s Ohio home last week, because she had been bullied for years at her school. She even left behind a suicide note that named four people that had been bullying her over the years and this is what she had to say to them:

Thanks for all the pain.


Cora Delille Instagram Picture

Local police have investigated the situation and …

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Fast Food Workers at McDonald’s and Burger King Set to go on Strike Today

Fast Food Workers on Strike

Fast food workers set to go on strike… again.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the hottest news topics of today.

So, over the past 18 months, fast food workers have been striking their asses off and today is just the latest occurrence.

Their reason for striking?

They believe that they should be paid higher wages, because they’re making the companies that they work for a ton of money.

Seeing as how this strike consists mostly of people from McDonald’s and Burger King, I’m happy to know that I won’t be affected …

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You Can Now Text 911 In the Event of an Emergency

Text 911

People in certain areas now have the ability to text 911 emergency services.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the hottest trends of today.

Now, I know most of you are probably going to roll your eyes at the fact that you can now send a text message to 911 in the event of an emergency, but this is actually a beneficial service to a lot of people out there.

The Federal Communications Commission has announced that they are going to enable people in certain areas to be able to text …

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Fire Causes Overpass Collapse Outside LA


Driving in Los Angeles can be a nightmare, and anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic there knows it.   Cars move too slowly or not at all, and usually at a time when all anyone wants to do is get home. However, driving around Los Angeles just got a little bit scarier when there was an accident that could have been horrific and tragic if not for the fact that the whole area had been closed off due to a fire on the very structure that went tumbling down onto a section of I-15 just under it.

The Ranchero

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CA Air Show Turns Tragic – Pilot Killed


With the spring and early summer comes all kinds of great outdoor events like monster truck shows, car shows, fairs, and air shows. For anyone that does not know what an air show is, basically it means people can get the chance to see planes from another era, climb inside of them, and if they are planes from World War I or II, people get to see what soldiers were being transported in when they were doing things like fighting for their country. In addition to old planes from eras long ago that can be explored, people also get treated …

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