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Courtney Cash Fatally Stabbed, Stuffed in Box


The grandniece of The Man in Black, Johnny Cash, was brutally murdered in her own home in the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 19th.

Courtney Cash, who was reported to be in her early to mid twenties, was stabbed multiple times after she and her boyfriend, William Austin Johnson, went out with a friend, who is identified as Wayne Gary Masciarella. The three returned to the house that Cash and Johnson shared with their 20-month-old daughter. Shortly after returning to the home, the three reportedly got into an argument. Masciarella pulled a knife and stabbed both Cash and Johnson …

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Fun Ways to Celebrate The First Day of Spring

Spring - featured-image

Today is March 20th, which means that it is officially the first day of spring! Now is the time to break out the tank tops and shorts, and run around outside in the warm sunny weather.  However, besides just breaking out the shorts and lemonade, there are other ways to welcome in the warm weather and to say goodbye to the wintertime blues.

Go outside and pick wildflowers

Tis the season for wildflowers, and nothing says celebrating the first day of spring than a pleasant hike in the great outdoors. By now, at least some wildflowers might be blooming, unless …

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Bieber Bill Holds Up Atlanta Move


You can almost hear the collective groan of agony in L.A.

It looks as if Justin Bieber may have to remain in Los Angeles and postpone his move to Atlanta. Even though the pop star already has his important possessions packed up, (extra cartons of eggs, spare Styrofoam cups for his Lean,) he may not be able to completely cut ties with L.A. because contractors there say that Bieber owes them nearly 100 grand in repairs to the home that he sold to Khloe Kardashian just a few weeks ago.

Home Sale Stalled by Bill

The contractors assert that Bieber …

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Two Claim Mega Millions Jackpot of $414 Million


The Mega Millions lottery game just made millionaires out of two Americans who have yet to come forward.

Two winning tickets were sold–one in Maryland and the other in Florida–and the two winners will split the mind-boggling 141 million-dollar prize. Mega Millions officials have verified that a liquor store in La Plata, Maryland sold one ticket while the winning ticket in Florida was purchased at a gas station in Merritt Island. The store that sold the winning ticket will receive $100,000 and Maryland will get more than $10.1 million in tax revenue thanks to the big win.

A spokesperson for …

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Downtown Disney Fishtank Springs a Leak


Patrons at a Downtown Disney restaurant got more than they bargained for on Monday evening when a large fish tank sprung a leak in the middle of a busy dinner service.

People dining at the T-Rex Cafe, a popular dinosaur-themed eatery in the park, were suddenly splashed with aquarium water when a seal in the tank gave way, causing the water to spew out in a fast gush. The entire episode was caught on a camera phone by a woman named Kate Wallace, who noted that the restaurant’s employees worked quickly to save the fish inside. The employees filled trash …

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