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46 Yr Old Teacher Caught With 14 Yr Old Arrested


When parents send their children off to school, they are placing their children into the hands of strangers. However, the part that is supposed to be comforting to parents is the fact that  the teachers that work in that school are supposed to be trustworthy. Whenever there are stories of teachers who are being inappropriate with one or more of their students, it shakes the very foundation of the educational system because teachers are supposed to be trustworthy with children, and a teacher caught with a student in a questionable matter makes every parents on earth doubt the teachers that …

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LA Clippers Protest Donald Sterling’s Racist Remarks

Chris Paul

The world is still trying to comprehend why the owner of the LA Clippers could be such a hateful person.While there is a lot of things to go through, and the NBA is supposedly investigating whether the tape is authentic or not, and the world was also wondering what the Clippers themselves were going to do about the situation with their owner. There were many famous people who were calling for the Clippers to do something and a few even suggested that the players not show up to play basketball. However, the Clippers did so something, and it was a …

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Silk – Female Version of Spider-Man


There are many comic book superheroes out there, but the problem is that a majority of the comic book heroes are of the male persuasion, and while it is fun to see these men kick butt, there is not enough girls out there with the tenacity to be a hero. However, Marvel Comics is about to even the playing field by creating with a female version of one of their most famous heroes, Spider-Man. The name of this feminized version of Spider-man is Silk, and the way she came into her own super powers may seem familiar, and the reason …

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NBA Looking Into Complicated Donald Sterling Incident


Donald Sterling, and the supposed tape in which he allegedly said a lot of racist remarks about a picture that his girlfriend posted on her Instagram, is not as simple as people think it is. Though the NBA is looking into the LA Clippers owner, and his alleged remarks, the issue is not as simple as just a man who had a case of his mouth running over in the worst possible way, but actually involves a lawsuit that was filed by Sterling’s estranged wife, which casts a shadow on the tape of Sterling and his now-infamous racist rant that …

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Daily Rant: Alicia Silverstone Writes Book


Hi everyone, Jax here from the Trend Guys bringing you the latest in celebrity gossip, news, unusual stories, and whatever else just happens to make the news!  Checking out the news today, I found an interesting story about Alicia Silverstone writing a book. Silverstone starred in that awesome movie Clueless, but she kind of disappeared a little bit from mainstream Hollywood when she got pregnant and became a mother. Why is it that celebrity moms can be a little bit on the nutty side? Just saying… celebrity moms have been making headlines lately for their unusual points of view …

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