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Top Ways For Robin Thicke To Win Back His Wife


Everyone makes mistakes, and usually, people are forgiven for times when they have messed up. However, when people are married, sometimes the sins they commit against their spouses may be enough that the spouses kick them out and file for divorce.  Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton have decided to end their marriage, but it looks as though one of them may have changed their mind. Robin Thicke has been saying for the past few days that he wants to reconcile with Paula Patton.

Here are some ways that he can win back the heart of his lady love, …

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Walt Disney World: Boy Scouts Get No More Money


The Boy Scouts of America were actually modeled after an organization in England called the Boy Scout Association. The association was established in 1908, and two years later, the American version was created.  The goal of the Boy Scouts is to teach young men to be upstanding citizens, and the boys learn how to do things that earn them special merit badges. However, recently, the Boy Scouts of America has come under fire because they have banned gays from participating in the Boy Scout program, and gay men cannot be Boy Scout leaders.

The Times They Are Changing- Boy Scouts

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Anti-Gay Legislation


In a bold move, Jan Brewer struck down legislation today in Arizona that would have allowed businesses to turn away gays and lesbians in order to protect the religious beliefs of their owners. While the veto was expected, it still struck a blow for civil rights in a story that had polarized not only the state of Arizona, but the entire nation as well.

The bill, which was known as Senate Bill 1062, infuriated gays and lesbians in Arizona and all over the country, as the bill would have basically allowed hospitals, restaurants, and any other business to refuse service …

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Employees Behaving Badly- A Public Relations Nightmare


When people get hired by big name corporations, they are representatives of that company, and they will more than likely go through a lot of training to make sure they do their job right. The company is trusting that their employees will behave in an appropriate manner, but sometimes their trust is broken, and employees can behave badly enough to make headlines. There are three companies that have made the news, and it sent their public relations department into overdrive.

Golden Corral

Golden corral

Golden Corral made headlines when their one of their employees made a video of a tray that contained …

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George Zimmerman – 2 Years Since Trayvon Martin


In February 2012, George Zimmerman called the police and told them that someone suspicious was hanging around the housing development that he was watching. Zimmerman was in charge of the Neighborhood Watch program, and it was his job to make sure that the residents were safe. Though the police warned Zimmerman to stay away from the reportedly suspicious person, Zimmerman did not listen, and the result was the death of a 17 year old boy named Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman claimed that Martin had attacked him and Zimmerman shot him in self-defense.

A Question of Murder or Acting in Self-Defense


After …

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