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Urban Legend Solved! – ET Games Found In Landfill

ET-game- cartridges-landfill

About one month ago, the Trend Guys reported on the fact that people have been heading into an Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill trying to find out an old urban legend is true or not. Rumor had it that some old ET games for the Atari system were buried in the New Mexico landfill, and people were trying to find some of the cartridges. However, today, the world is still reeling from the shock that this old urban legend that has been around for about 30 years, may be true, and proof of the cartridges has actually been found!

Atari Cartridges

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Donald Sterling – Racist Remark Shocks the World


There are people of every race and skin color in this great big world, and whether they all get a long or not, there is only one planet that we all share. However, there are some people that do not like the fact that people of different races exist, and are sometimes pretty vocal about how they feel. Sometimes, these people who do not like the fact that the world is one giant rainbow, can be so adamant in how they feel that they actually get caught with their foot in their mouths. Remember how much trouble Mel Gibson got …

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Facebook Feud Ends In Shooting


Facebook has over one billion members, and they use the social network to do things like post pictures, communicate with friends and family, and post what they are doing throughout the course of the day. However, Facebook can be used for both good and evil, and an incident in Florida proved that sometimes people can do more than just dislike a comment, and the ability to post messages to one another can be used as a weapon between two people. Ugly words were exchanged on Facebook, and two women ended up getting into a physical altercation that turned into a …

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E-Cigarettes With Liquid Nicotine – Good or Bad?


Smoking is considered to be a nasty habit that is not only smelly and bad for the human body, but it is also considered to be socially unacceptable in some places. There are many cities that have even gone as far as to ban cigarette smoking indoors and outdoors. Since cigarette smoking is becoming less and less tolerated, electronic cigarettes, which are also known as E-cigarettes, are becoming quite popular. With these electronic cigarettes, nothing is burning, but what makes them like cigarettes is the fact that they are loaded with a liquid nicotine that gets turned into vapor. However, …

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Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2014


Earth Day 2014 is tomorrow, April 22nd, but it is never too late to make plans for what can be done on that special day, and typically, people want to do their part to make sure that the world is taken care of. So, what can the average citizen do to celebrate the earth and to also make it a better place? Here is a list of some simple yet affordable ways for people to show their appreciation for Mother Nature and the planet that they live on.

Earth Day 2014 Activities To Celebrate The Beautiful Earth

  1. Plant something out
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