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Oscar Pistorius – Did He Have Acting Lessons?


Last week, Oscar Pistorius got on the stand and told the judge and court what happened on February 14, 2013. However, there were times when Pistorius broke down, and became emotional, as he went through the details of hearing a noise, grabbing his gun, yelling a the supposedly sleeping Steenkamp to call the police, and then firing his gun four times.  Even before Pistorius took the stand, he was already doing things on his little bench that were getting the attention of everyone including crying, covering his ears, and not to mention the vomiting in a bucket. Was Oscar Pistorius …

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5 Unique Ways To Dye Easter Eggs


Easter is tomorrow, and for the past month or so, stores have had shelves lined with all the Easter egg coloring kits. While some parents like to go for the Paas kits that come in a variety of colors now, why use a kit when there are a lot of really cool ways that Easter eggs can be colored now other than the standard food coloring tablets dissolved in a cup of vinegar mixed with water? For people that like to get away from the norm, there are some really unique ways to color Easter eggs that add a sense …

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Best Easter Movies About Jesus


Easter Sunday is only a couple of days away, and this is the time of year when there are tons of religious movies on for everyone to enjoy whether they happen to be religious or not.  Some people even make watching the religious movies every Easter season a tradition, and there are some that are both amazing and moving at the same time as they portray the life of Jesus Christ. For those that love movies about Jesus Christ, here is a list of some of the best movies that are usually broadcast on various channels starting after Valentine’s …

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Oscar Pistorius Testimony Contradicted By Witness


The Trial of the Century in South Africa involving Oscar Pistorius is about to have a two week break and will resume the first week of May. During the testimony of the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius gave a lot of detail as to what happened the night Reeva Steenkamp was killed accidentally at the hands of her gun-wielding paranoid boyfriend. The prosecution did not let Pistorius get away with anything, and for any inconsistency, Nel was absolutely relentless to the point where Pistorius broke down many times and had to take breaks from testifying. Many legal experts feel that Pistorius …

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Domino’s Pizza Now Offering Chicken


There are many pizza companies around the world that make and deliver things like pizza, pasta, bread sticks, wings, and chicken. One pizza company that offers a variety of deliverable food is Domino’s Pizza. Back in the 1980s, Domino’s changed the way that pizza was delivered, they had a 30 minutes or less or its free gimmick, and they also had special boxes and insulated bags in which to deliver the pizza to ensure it was still hot and fresh by the time it got to the customer. Now, it looks as though Domino’s is about to change the pizza …

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