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Batman VS Superman Trailer Leaked On YouTube


Hello Trenders! Jax here with some interesting news first thing today. So, how many of you are excited about the Batman VS Superman movie? Well on Monday, April 20th, the first official trailer is supposed to come out, but the Internet is a buzz today because the trailer was leaked either late last night or early this morning. The trailer was leaked on YouTube, and before many people could get a look at it… SNAP! The trailer was gone!

Now, I was mad because I wanted to see it, but the people that were lucky enough to see it were …

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Top 6 Easter Activities For Children

easter bunny with kids

Easter is a cause for celebration for many people, young and old.  A lot of people are looking for ways to incorporate their children in the holiday and get them in the spirit of Easter.  Here are six activities children can participate in and have a great time.

1. Dying Easter Eggs

Dying Easter eggs are the primary symbol of Easter for children.  Dying Easter eggs and easy and fun.  It can be messy if you are not careful.  In order to dye Easter eggs, make sure you have the basic colors at least, such as yellow, orange, red, green,

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Rihanna Denies Inhaling Cocaine


During the Coachella festival in California, a video from Vine surfaced of the 27-year-old allegedly sniffing cocaine, the video instantly went viral. In the video, the singer’s friends were seen dancing in her tour bus. Rihanna on the other hand was busy engaged in something sneaky while sitting around a table. In her hands was a white cylindrical object, moments after the star was seen holding her nose which brought arise to the rumors.

On Tuesday, Rihanna was outraged by the claims and took to her Instagram to dismiss the cocaine rumors. She posted a photo sipping a can of

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Kylie Jenner’s New Bright Eyes

kylie jenner eyes

For months, the buzz has been about Kylie Jenner’s plump lips but that has been pushed aside just this Wednesday. The reality star gave bright eyes a shot by wearing icy-blue temporary contact lenses. She posted the photo on Instagram and in her caption, she explained to her followers that the contacts were just “for fun”. In the photo, Jenner wore a tight mesh black dress.   Another photo was posted with her and her friend Honey in which they were both rocking the same eyes.

kylie jenner lips

Earlier in the week, the reality star debut sea-foam blue hair; extensions of course.  Earlier

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Ryan Gosling To Join Blade Runner Sequel


Hey guys! Well its a great movie news day here at the Trend Guys! Jax here with another great movie update. Now while the new Star Wars trailer is out, and that is not the only classic movie that is getting an update or a sequel. Remember that awesome Harrison Ford movie called Blade Runner? Well that was a long time ago, and now there is a sequel coming out and Harrison Ford will not be alone, Ryan Gosling is going to join him!

So, what do you all think of this news? For me, I was surprised that …

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