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Crazy Man Gets Tackled By Lesbian

Crazy man breaks out the window of a car in a hate crime against a lesbian couple

Outside of a bar, a crazy man was making rude comments about a lesbian couple’s sexuality, but the women did not feed the troll. Instead, they showed absolutely no interest of holding a conversation with the man. So, what does he do in retaliation? We all know he couldn’t just stand around, without getting the attention he craved. Well, that’s when he decided to smash in the rear window of the Toyota vehicle that the two women had arrived at the bar in.

Unfortunately for him, that is when one of the women decided to tackle him, hold him down …

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Bearded Dragon Plays A Videogame on A Cell Phone


Even Lizards enjoy playing with apps on cell phones. Look at that bearded dragon eating all those ants up.

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Miley Cyrus Reponds to Boob Job Rumors

the Miley Cyrus picture that started all the Miley Cyrus Boob Job Rumors

I wonder what Miley Cyrus thinks right now, seeing as how her boobs are now trending. Well, actually, I don’t have to wonder, because Miley Cyrus has made a comment about the recent rumors that have spread across the internet about her potentially getting a boob job. Rumors began to circulate after a busty Miley Cyrus showed up at the CNN Hero Awards on Sunday night. Not only that, but an “expert” was interviewed about the trending topic, and he said that it was likely that Miley Cyrus had went under the knife.

Well, that was all Miley …

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Selena Gomez Wants To Marry Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez arrive at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood

A picture of Justin Bieber That Has Been Photoshopped Making Him Look Like A Girl

Right now I would like everyone to extend their arms, extend their index finger, point at Justin Bieber and begin laughing hysterically. You know, I remember when men were the ones that were supposed to be the one to get down on one knee and ask for the love of their life to join them in marriage. Well, according to The National Enquirer, Justin Bieber is never going to know what that experience is like. Apparently, Selena Gomez is going to have to be the one to man-up in the relationship and ask for her 17 year-old boyfriend to marry …

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Daily Rant: A Petition Started to Ban Videogame

A picture of the Elder Scrolls V SkyRim art

Below, you will find an actual petition that has been created on Therefore, you know this is a real petition. However, I can’t help but think that this was created by a mega troll. If it wasn’t, I seriously feel bad for the person that created this petition. It’s a sad day when this is a trending topic.

we petition the obama administration to:
Immediately Ban the Deadly Videogame Known as “SkyRim” for The Safety of America’s Youths.

Whereas videogaming has proven to cause social, ethical and health problems in people of all ages,

Whereas sexual perversion and

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