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Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photoshoot Question


Lindsay Lohan Rotting Teeth Picture

Everyone knows now that Lindsay L0han has appeared nude in Playboy Magazine after accepting a one million dollar offer from the Adult Men’s Magazine. Playboy was willing to shell out one million dollars to photograph Lindsay Lohan nude, so they obviously expected to make major cash off of her naked pictures. However, I have to question why Playboy made the decision to make Lindsay Lohan look completely different in the photo shoot. You are willing to spend one million dollars to get a celebrity to pose naked for your magazine and then you decide to make her look like someone …

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So, You Thought Your Mother-in-Law Was Bad?


Grandmother Shoots Her Son-in-Law Three Times While He Records The Incident on his iPhone

Check below for the video that the victim recorded during the incident. This guy, first of all, is very lucky to be alive. Second of all, the man needs some serious relationship advice. That woman is absolutely crazy!

Basically, this dude went over to his mother-in-law’s house and she ended up shooting at him. Scroll down to read the full story.

On Monday morning’s GMA, correspondent Matt Gutman introduced the story of Sal Miglino, a Florida man locked in a bitter divorce dispute with his wife.

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Hulk Hogan Had Homosexual Encounters?


PIcture of Hulk Hogan Wearing Sunglasses and A Blue Bandana

Needless to say, Hulk Hogan and his wife have had a very rough divorce, and things are only getting worse! The Hulkster is less than thrilled with his ex-wife’s new book, claiming that she lied and defamed him. Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) filed a suit on Thursday in Clearwater Fla. The lawsuit which consists of 18 pages, claims that Hulk Hogan’s ex wife, Linda Bollea, only wrote her new book, “Wrestling the Hulk – My Life Against The Ropes” in order to revive her dwindling career.

In the book, Linda Bollea says that Terry Bollea was abusive towards …

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Men in Black 3 Official Trailer Released!


You can view the official trailer for Men in Black 3 below. However, I have something that is probably even more important than the news and trailer of another Men in Black film. First of all, is Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones aliens themselves? Either that, or have they found the holy grail? Holy crap, both of them seem to be ageless. They look practically the same as they did in the other Men in Black films. Either way, I leave you with the official trailer for Men in Black 3, which you can watch below. If you want …

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Pennsylvania Priest Arrested For Child Pornography

Welcome to Pennsylvania

The article below comes courtesy of This leads me to the question: What’s up with the state of Pennsylvania and all of the pedophile accusations lately?

PITTSBURGH, Pa (Reuters) – A Roman Catholic priest was arrested on charges he viewed child pornography in the rectory of his Pittsburgh-area church, the diocese said on Sunday.

The Rev. Bartley Sorensen, 62, pastor of St. John Fisher Church in Churchill, Pennsylvania, was arraigned on charges of possession of child pornography, a third-degree felony, according to the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

He was being held on Sunday in the Allegheny County Jail in lieu

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